10 Most Expensive Essential Oils, Ranked

It is believed that essential oils can be very beneficial to one’s overall health. In this day and age, it seems everyone is resorting to more natural ways of doing things. A wide variety of essential oils are used in alternative treatments to common illnesses and ailments. Essential oils are taken from plants, capturing their aroma and flavors, hence the name. When the chemical compounds that cause the plants’ aroma are removed, the oils are blended with a carrier to produce a ready-made product. The way that essential oil is crafted is important as it directly affects the quality of the finished product. Here are the ten most expensive essential oils on the market now.

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10 Neroli Oil ($354 per oz.)

This oil is steeped in history. It was initially introduced by a member of the Nerola royal family in the seventeenth century. Derived from the flower of the bitter orange tree, it’s an aromatic blend of sweet and spicy. The essential oil is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, stress-relieving, and mood-enhancing properties. It also works wonders on skin by decreasing the visibility of scars, supporting youthfulness, and reducing production facial oil. Although it is the least costly essential oil on the list, it’s still quite a lot to pay fower just an ounce of anything! Nevertheless, for some, the benefits outweigh the price tag.

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9 Sandalwood Oil ($492 per oz.)

For centuries, sandalwood has been used in India and other Eastern cultures as part of ceremonial practices. The tree itself is viewed as holy and is commonly present at nuptials and births. The tree must be between 40 and 80 years old for the full benefits of the oil to be extracted from the roots. Sandalwood essential oil is used to treat a wide variety of health issues, including the common cold, coughs, UTIs, and a number of skin conditions. Its anti-inflammatory qualities make it useful as a pain reliever. The most luxurious and pure variety of sandalwood essential oil is produced in India. The cost per ounce is just shy of $500.

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8 Elecampane Oil ($492 per oz.)

Elecampane oil supports healthy immune and metabolic systems, enhances the circulatory system, and aids in detoxification. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of this powerful essential oil. Derived from a small plant known as “elfwort,” the value of the plant lies in its roots and leaves. Documented use of the plant goes back more than two thousand years. This essential oil is rare as it is one of the few that is professionally used medically, and a doctor will actually give you a prescription for it. As with anything that can be prescribed, checking with your healthcare provider prior to using this essential oil is advised. On the brighter side, a prescription will save you the nearly $500 you would pay for an ounce of this precious liquid.

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7 Seaweed Absolute Oil ($650 per oz.)

Seaweed has been used since ancient times. The combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids that are present in seaweed work wonders in skincare and hair care routines. It acts as an antioxidant and keeps skin hydrated. Not only can it be used on skin and hair, but it’s also useful as a cuticle-softener. The stimulating aroma of Seaweed Absolute essential oil is reminiscent of a sea breeze. Internally, Seaweed Absolute essential oil can be used to support healthy digestion, heart health, and it aids in detoxing the body. All of this is simply a short list of benefits. At $650 per ounce, Seaweed Absolute essential oil is one on this list that offers the most benefits.

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6 Bulgarian Rose Oil ($700 per oz.)

The high cost of this oil is based on the fact that it takes nearly 500 pounds of these rose petals to make one ounce of oil. Bulgarian roses are widely known for having the strongest fragrance of any rose in the world. The oil is believed to enhance the circulatory system and detoxify major organs, such as the kidney and liver, which are important to cleanse the body of toxins. Bulgarian rose essential oils are also beneficial to the heart. For centuries, this aromatic essential oil has been used as a love potion. Owning just an ounce of this oil will set you back nearly $1000.

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5 Agarwood Oil ($850 per oz.)

As opposed to many other essential oils, agarwood oil isn’t derived from a flower but from a tree. The oil is taken from the bark of agarwood trees after they have been covered in mold. The special mold creates a shield of resin that increases the beneficial qualities of the oil. Agarwood essential oil has a calming effect that is useful in treating depressive and nervous disorders. It can also be used as a pain reliever and sedative. Of course, there is no flowery aroma to agarwood and although it may not be as expensive as other oils, the price tag is still a bit steep.

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4 Cannabis Flower Oil ($946 per oz.)

In recent years, the beneficial effects of cannabis have been coming to the forefront in alternative medicine. The fact that marijuana is made from cannabis has made the use of many things derived from the plant a topic of controversy. Cannabis essential oil is extracted from the flower of the plant, which consists of a lower level of THC. In other words, the oil doesn’t have the same effect as the part of the plant that is commonly used for recreational purposes. Ironically, the beneficial properties of bud and oil are the same. They support healthy sleeping habits, increase appetite, and ease nerves and pain. More recently, cannabis has become a large part of treatment plans for cancer. This oil will also set you back almost $1000 for an ounce.

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3 Frangipani Oil ($1.5k per oz.)

This oil doesn’t bear the name that it is derived from. Taken from the African Plumeria plant, the sugary scent of the flower is adored by natives where the plant thrives. Frangipani essential oil is commonly used to treat nerves and stress due to its calming effects. The oil also promotes healthy, glowing, clear skin. It is also a popular ingredient in expensive skincare cosmetics because of its pleasant smell. The purchase of this oil and the privilege of its benefits will cost you approximately $1,500 an ounce. It may be cheaper to buy a few plumeria plants and sniff the flowers.

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2 Tuberose Absolute Oil ($1.6k per oz.)

The tuberose flower is a Mexican flower that gives off the smell of peaches and herbs. This essential oil is derived from the flower of the plant. Another love potion, its aroma has a certain effect on people. It also gets the creative juices flowing and supports clarity. The oil can be used as an acne treatment and to treat pain that is related to inflammation. Just as the Bulgarian rose oil, large amounts of the flower have to be used to produce small amounts of this oil. Of course, this directly affects the price. An ounce of this precious stuff will lighten your pockets by a little more than $1,600.

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1 Champaca Absolute Oil ($2.2k per oz.)

The Champaca flower is popular among native West Asian women and they commonly adorn their hair and garments with it. One may wonder if that is because of its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Believed to have many health benefits, it is often used as an alternative treatment for depressive disorders and headaches, and for fully relaxing the body and mind. The oil boasts an aromatic blend of floral tones and citrus. Part of the family of Magnolia, it is widely used in perfumes for its citrusy, dark scent, and works as a great moisturizer. An ounce of this oil is an astounding $2000.

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