5 low-maintenance hairstyles women in London are actually wearing right now

Written by Morgan Fargo

Minimalist and effortless, this season is about less, not more.

Like most people who don’t have a garden or outdoor space, when the weather is sublime like it was this weekend, I make a beeline for my local park – pronto. Being a double bank holiday, I was able to spend altogether more time in the park, alternating between people watching, reading my book and dozing off to the dulcet sound of my podcast. 

When not following that rigorous protocol, I found myself making mental notes of the myriad aesthetic hairstyles dotted around the park. The common thread? Low-maintenance, simple, easy styles that riff on the classics. This spring, less is most noticeably more. Here are the five styles I saw on repeat, across multiple textures and lengths.

  1. 1.


    A simple style beloved by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Ciara, half-up-half-down hair has been thoroughly revived for spring, with the low-maintenance, undone-but-done look emerging from the original “clean”aesthetic.

  1. 2.


    Simple and easy to accessorise, this braid is worn low at the nape of the neck and can be embellished with an oversized scrunchie or Y2K-inspired slide clips. Alternatively, separate the hair into individual braids, before bringing together with a hair band to create a multi-strand style.

  2. 3.


    Gently teased to create volume at the root or worn with natural lift, loose, healthy-looking hair is the ultimate effortless spring hair style. 

  3. 4.

    Slicked-back messy bun

    An evolution of the “clean-look” bun (also known as the Olaplex bun, thanks to its propensity to conceal a hair treatment) the slicked-back messy bun feels marginally more whimsical, like something Keira Knightley might have worn in 2004 – spiky and sweet.

  4. 5.

    Undone topknot

    A show-stealer, the undone topknot is gathered at the crown of the head, smoothed back on either side and then allowed to waterfall out, creating a voluminous, gravity-defying style that feels like a chic version of 80s glamour.

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