Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall Are Trying to Break the World's Most Legendary Strength Feats

In the myths and legends that have passed down through history, the strongman is a recurring, enigmatic figure. He pops up in many cultures—there’s Samson. Hercules. Rostam. Thor. Cú Chulainn. John Henry. And now, Eddie Hall and Brian Shaw?

Yes, strongman is an organized sport these days, complete with a contest that crowns the World’s Strongest Man every year—shoutout to 2019 champ Martins Licis. But a new show, The Strongest Man in History, looks to up the ante and challenge some of the world’s biggest and best modern competitors to match or surpass some of the most legendary feats of strength known to man. The History Channel will task Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw, Robert Oberst, and Nick Best, all formidable titans in their own right, to shoulder the burden and take on these challenges.

The show’s official synopsis sounds appropriately bonkers.

Last time we caught up with Brian Shaw, a four-time World’s Strongest Man and Eddie Hall, the only person to ever deadlift over 1,100 pounds, the two massive strongmen were stuck with some of the worst flight seat assignments we’ve ever seen. They’ll be joined in the adventure by Nick Best, a grizzled veteran of the strongman game, and Robert Oberst, a bearded behemoth who holds the American record in the log lift.

Oberst was particularly jacked up about the show, calling the group “basically the *NSYNC of strongman” in an Instagram post before “introducing” his castmates.

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I TOLD YOU WE WERE CHANGING THE GAME! : : We’re basically the *NSYNC of Strongman. @shawstrength is the smart boy next door type you’d think was cute if he wasn’t standing next to me. @nickbeststrongman is the older brother (grandfather) with huge nostrils and a tiny head @eddiehallwsm is the fat one with an accent and brings absolutely nothing to the table Obviously I’m the heart throb. : : Stay tuned to our sneak preview on @history SUNDAY JULY 7th 8E/5P after #evellive2 Then the premier on Wednesday July 10th 10E/7P : : #austintexas #newbraunfels #boise #strongandpretty #americanmonster #tilthewheelsfalloff #history #strongestman

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Ready to see some records fall? You won’t have to wait long. The Strongest Man in History drops July 10 on The History Channel.

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