CBD-Infused Beauty Products To Celebrate 4/20

Happy 4/20! With the scent of spring in the air, you may also catch a whiff of the calm and relaxing aroma of cannabis in the breeze, as people celebrate the ceremonious plant and its numerous health benefits for your mind, body, and soul. While smoking may not be your cup of tea (which is another way of enjoying it), that doesn’t mean that CBD shouldn’t be a part of your skin routine.

“CBD has well-known anti-inflammatory effects,” says Dr. Roberta Del Campo, Medical advisor at BABOR. “It also has powerful antioxidant effects which help to minimize environmental damage.”

Dr. Del Campo also mentions that CBD can help calm acne-prone skin and rosacea, and calm skin that is irritated. “CBD can help to minimize inflammation and rebalance the skin. It can also help decrease the oiliness of the skin, which is beneficial for those with acne.”

You might have noticed that your skin is changing now that we’ve settled into spring. Your skin may have transitioned from dry to oily due to the increased moisture in the air. It’s possible that your skin is becoming more sensitive and irritated, or that you’re breaking out more as a result of stress and hormones. Whatever the reason, there are definitely methods to make the transition go more smoothly and make those skincare nightmares fade away.

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