Christi Da Vinci Was A Work of Art on 'Cosmo Queens!'

Christi Da Vinci’s bright pastel vibes today are just ideal for that summer into fall transition aesthetic. Even if you don’t quite possess Christi’s super-advanced makeup and styling skills (they’re hard to match TBH,) I think that this ensemble should def have a residency on your mood board. Consider this Cosmo Queens episode an education on how to use color properly.

Going off her own description, Christi def belongs on the stage. “I’d describe myself as having the energy of Jennifer Garner in 13 Going On 30. Perpetually bubbly, excited, and ready to try something new! I’m definitely a chameleon and I love switching up aesthetics and showing every side of who I am.”

I can think of no better source of inspiration than Ms. Garner. Check out the full video to see how Da Vinci’s look came together, and be sure to check out her Instagram and TikTok, and YouTube for even more excellence!

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