Everything we know about Fenty Parfum, from its release date to what it smells like

Rihanna has announced the arrival of Fenty Parfum – here’s everything we know so far.

Rihanna is dominating the beauty industry. Ever since she launched her Fenty Beauty make-up brand in 2017, it has gone from strength-to-strength with now-cult products, such as its Pro Filt’r Foundation and Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer.

Following on from the success, Rihanna expanded her brand, launching lingerie and then Fenty Skin just last year. Not to mention rumours of Fenty Hair. And she isn’t done yet.

Fenty Parfum is on the way. Yep, the singer is dipping her toe into the world of fragrance and we’ll all finally get to smell like Rihanna.

The news was announced on Rihanna’s Instagram page, with a series of black and white portraits alongside the caption: “#FENTYPARFUM COMING SOON”.

This was swiftly followed up with a post on the Fenty Beauty Instagram account, which featured an image of a vibrant blue box – the same colour used for Rihanna’s now-closed clothing line. 

Intriguingly, the perfume is descried as an “intimate unisex fragrance that is everything you feel, everything you are, and everything you want to be”. But the best bit of all? The brand hasn’t left us guessing and actually revealed that Fenty Parfum will be released on 10 August.

Since the announcement, Fenty Beauty’s Instagram has weaved numerous teaser posts into its feed, all sharing a small glimpse at the bottle. Despite the bright packaging, the perfume will actually come in a chic amber-hued bottle. It has a twist-off cap, which is embossed with the word “Fenty”.

While the brand hasn’t shared many details on the actual scent itself on social media, the captions describe it as “raw, sensual, spicy and sweet all at once”.

According to numerous comments on the Instagram posts, an email from the brand added that Fenty Parfum has “sensual magnolia and seductive musk [that] unite with vibrant fruit and notes of spice”. It sounds like it will be warm and rich without being too heavy and, frankly, quite delicious to us.

It seems Fenty Parfum will launch exclusively on fentybeauty.com but we’re hoping it’ll come to Harvey Nichols and Boots soon after so that we can actually smell it. If you can’t wait until then, be sure to set your alarm for 10 August.

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