I Got Elizabeth Olsen's Curtain Bangs — and It's the Soft, Shaggy Cut of My Dreams

I Got Elizabeth Olsen’s Curtain Bangs — and It’s the Soft, Shaggy Cut of My Dreams

Curtain bangs are hands down the style of the season. In the past few months alone, celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen, Olivia Rodrigo, and Gigi Hadid have gone in on the nostalgic, flirty cut. So naturally, I decided that my first post-lockdown haircut would have to include long curtain bangs.

I gravitated toward Olsen’s subtler take on the trend because they naturally frame her face, and I was into the shaggy, ’70s-esque vibe of the rest of the cut. Her curtain bangs don’t feel drastic — they’re more soft and less traditional. I brought these pictures to my appointment at Beverly Hills-based Meche Salon to help me realize my vision of becoming a person with bangs.

I tapped the skills of stylist and dry-cutting specialist Austin Yi and colorist Kari Hill to guide me along my journey, and get all the curtain bang info you need to make the decision for yourself.

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