I Tried Ouai's New Fine-Hair Shampoo and Conditioner β€” It Gives Me 24-Hour Volume

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When volume is just a button on your phone πŸ“², reach for Fine Shampoo + Conditioner. NOW available on @ultabeauty and @Sephora dot com. β € πŸ”Ž You clued us in to all your fine-haired problems and we heard you loud + clear. Want volume that lasts longer than your recent @bumble relationship and the courage to cleanse every other day? We got you. β € Fine Shampoo + Conditioner gently cleanses and hydrates hair, without weighing you down πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ so you can leave your fear of being fine behind and go on to live a β€˜full life’ πŸ˜‰ β € BENEFITS & KEY INGREDIENTS πŸ’Š Biotin (Vitamin B7): an OG but goodie. It helps strengthen and reinforce hair health by delivering essential nutrients 🌱 Hemp Seed Extract: provides weightless hydration and prevents moisture loss πŸ’†β€β™€οΈ Chia Seed Oil: like your favorite chia seed pudding that puffs up overnight, chia seed oil thickens hair for a fuller look πŸ’« Keratin: the base in all our formulas, it reduces frizz and flyaways to seal the hair shaft for healthier hair β € Free of: Gluten Parabens Phthalates SLS & SLES Animal Testing β € As always, safe for: Color-treated hair Keratin Treated hair Brazilian blowouts Extensions & wigs β € Not fine? We’re covering Medium + Thick in our next posts so stay tuned πŸ’‘

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As someone with fine hair, I have to work at giving it that freshly blown-out look. I’m a shopping editor, so I have tested out tons of formulas, but I’ve found that products for finer strands either don’t give me enough volume or leave me frizzy. Discovering options that provide all-day volume and maintain smoothness seemed impossible until I tested out Ouai’s new shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. I literally just cleaned out my shower shelf, because I no longer need anything else.

This shampoo gives me bounciness because its formula contains strengthening keratin and biotin. The conditioner is incredibly moisturizing, but lightweight β€” no limpness here. And can we talk about the smell of these products for a sec? I sincerely hope it’s the brand’s next fragrance. Ouai calls the scent Mercer Street, and it includes notes of orange, peony, magnolia, jasmine, musk, and orris.

Whether you’re styling your hair simple and straight or bouncy and curly, this set of products gives you the base for Chrissy Teigen-level fullness. My styling doesn’t fall flat for an entire day, which is pretty wild. Read on for all the shopping details and prepare to become hair goals.

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