“I’m obsessed with saving nail art ideas on Instagram – here are 19 of my favourites for summer”

Written by Chloe Burcham

There’s something mesmerising about nail art. From negative space designs to barely-there sparkles, here are 19 of the best summer nail art ideas that are currently taking up space in my ‘saved’ folder on Instagram. 

I’m an absolute sucker for a minimal nail art manicure. For me, the more simplistic and barely-there the design is, the better. And boy does my Instagram algorithm know it. If you were to take a quick scroll through my discover page, you’d be bombarded with pictures of dainty designs and colour-pop manicures – in fact, I’m getting to a point where there’s way too many to ever try and recreate IRL. 

But while Instagram might be full of dreamy designs, have you ever sat down at your local nail salon and been completely devoid of inspo? That’s where I can help you. 

Whether you’re specifically searching for a style that you can take to your favourite manicurist or (like me) you’re just obsessed with nail art images, here are 19 of my favourite nail art inspiration pictures for summer 2022. Get screenshotting.

The Green Eye

How great is this minty take on the classic evil eye design? It’s super dainty and seriously pretty. 

Rainbow mani

For me, this is a modern take on those 00s rainbow manicures we’d all do. Instead of having each individual nail a different shade of the rainbow, only the very tip and cuticle is coloured. Cute, eh. 

French blue tips

One to leave to the professionals – these outlined French blue tips are seriously mesmerising. 

Iridescent stripes

These pearlescent stripes are ridiculously pretty. If you want to try and DIY the look at home – try cutting ultra fine strips of holographic sticker sheets before placing on transparent nail varnish. 

Fine line

I’m obsessed with this dramatic (but still subtle) dark line manicure. Unless you’ve got ambidextrous, steady hands – this might be a tricky one to recreate at home. 

Floral fancy

Nothing says summer like an ultra-fine flowers and gold leaf manicure. Am I right?

Dainty dots

This teeny-tiny nail art design might not even really count as nail art… but look how pretty it is. 

Lemon swirl 

A simple and chic design for summer, this lemony-fresh swirl looks great against a nude coloured nail. 


Another less-is-more reverse French, this neon cuticle design looks ultra expensive. 

Cobalt crescent

Using different shades of blue, this crescent moon design is modern and minimalist. 

Mix-up manicure

I’m not sure what I like more – the dusky tea-green shade or the mix-up French and classic mani. Either way, it’s a win. 

Black French tips

There’s no doubt about it: these black French tips look seriously elegant and are perfect if you’re not into the usual bright, summer shades. 

Rainbow cuticles

Arguably my favourite nail look ever – this seriously dainty, pastel-coloured cuticle design is unbelievably chic. 

Grunge floral

Not a fan of super-feminine florals? Mix things up by amping up the drama with a gothic black flower design instead. 

Star-studded simplicity

This simple star manicure looks impressive but is easy to recreate at home. Use a clear nail varnish as your base coat before using tweezers to apply a glitter star to the nail. Lock in place with another coat of clear colour and voila, you’re done. 

Star-studded simplicity

Let your nails do the talking with bold corner stripes in every colour of the rainbow. 

Negative space 

This nail art look combines two of my favourite things: a coloured cuticle and negative space. Switch up the nail varnish shade to suit and you’ve got yourself a year-round nail art look. 

Just peachy

Don’t ask me why, but for some reason, fruit as a nail art design works. It just does. 

Tortie tips

A French tip but make it fancy: match your mani to your sunglasses with these tortoiseshell tips. 

Main image: Instagram @m.o.n.a.j

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