Is Everyone Going Blonde This Fall?

Like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid before her, this week Dua Lipa became the latest in a long line of celebrity hair transformations, bleaching her signature black locks to a buttery blonde. Volume 6 cover star Rosalía continued to provide weekly nail art inspiration with manicure by @talia.nails, complete with jeweled accents. Gigi Hadid took a break from bouncing rogue YouTubers off the Chanel runway to take minimalist yellow liner for a spin. Paris Fashion Week may be finished, but that didn’t stop Aquaria from doing her best “Aquarianna Wintour” impression, complete with pink tweed and an ombre wig. Also in Paris, Maria Borges showed her off stunning makeup while giving her make up artist a shout out. Also this week: Lach Watson’s Miu Miu maquillage, Hunter Schafer’s sculptural updo and more, here.

Dua Lipa shared a selfie of her new blond ‘do. Courtesy of Instagram.

Talia Nails posted a picture of Rosalía’s tapered talons. Courtesy of Instagram.

“Guys look what she did to my face,” Maria Borges gushed about House of Bee Sublimate's beat before an event in Paris. Courtesy of Instagram.

Nina Park documented all of her make up Lily-Rose Depp’s The King tour. Courtesy of Instagram.

Aquaria wore pink all over in Quebec. Courtesy of Instagram.

In other pastel news, Raveena Aurora donned a bubblegum bob and matching makeup. Courtesy of Instagram.

Lach Watson wore a pop of green shadow by Kale Teter. Courtesy of Instagram.

Samile Bermannelli looked fresh-faced Paris. Courtesy of Instagram.

Gigi Hadid sported subtle sunny shadow by Patrick Ta. Courtesy of Instagram.

Hunter Schafer rocked artistic black liner and intricate hair by Peter Lux. Courtesy of Instagram.

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