Ladies’ Day sees racegoers use their hair to create hats in new Ascot 2019 trend

One lady fashioned her blonde locks into an off-the-side elongated hat.

Another wore her hair in a bun that posed as the top of a hat, with the rest of her hair stretched out to create a rim. 

One punter went one step further and added a thin black netted veil to her hair.

While a fourth racegoer chose to wear all of hers to one side, much like a fasinator.

What is Ladies Day?

Ladies Day is an event which has become synonymous in the UK with amazing outfits, fashion and glamour.

Almost every major race event in the UK has its own Ladies Day, and the Royal Ascot is no different.

Since the introduction of the Gold Cup race in 1807, Ladies Day has been the busiest day of the Royal Ascot.

Traditionally the term describes an event where women are offered free entry or an attractive discount to an event usually only men go to.

While this concept is outdated, it is still a popular event with a strict dress code for all – including men.

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