Liz Hurley returns as the face of Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign

Liz Hurley returns to her role as global ambassador for Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign, spreading awareness of how to check yourself for early prevention. 

Every 15 seconds, a woman somewhere in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s every 10 minutes here in the UK, and the earlier the detection, the better the chances of survival. Estée Lauder Companies has been actively campaigning to reduce that number ever since 1992 with their Breast Cancer Campaign with model and actor Liz Hurley as global ambassador.

For this year, ELC put out a nationwide survey to find out how many of us are checking ourselves properly, and the numbers really say something. One in five of us has never checked our breasts for signs of cancer, and a third don’t know what to look out for. What’s more, one in seven haven’t been shown how to properly check ourselves.

To combat this, ELC has just released more than 650,000 new self-check leaflets on over 1,750 beauty counters across the UK and with online orders. On the leaflet, Dr Zoe Williams explains how to check and what exactly to look out for, including things we might brush off such as armpit pain or redness. 

“Breast cancer can affect women of all ages, and there are many different symptoms to look out for, not just lumps,” details Dr Williams. “We must talk to each other – we need to spread the word and encourage our friends and loved ones to start checking their breasts regularly. Together, we can get another step closer in our mission to end breast cancer.”

Global ambassador Liz Hurley has been in her role at ELC for 20 years, joining soon after she lost her grandmother to breast cancer. Noticing how people were barely discussing breast cancer, she actively strived to improve that. “I feel honoured and really pleased when a lady will come up to me and say ‘I saw you on TV talking about breast cancer and I went and got a mammogram,” she told E! News. “I made sure my daughter or my mother gets a mammogram. That to us is the most important thing I think we achieve on some levels.” 

ELC’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation has become the highest-rated non-profit breast cancer organisation in the US, and has raised over $79 million (£65 million) globally since its launch in the early 90s. Mortality rates have declined by 40% since the late 80s, with BCRF-funded researchers taking part in every big breakthrough in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. 

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