Mark Wright Showcases Lean Physique In Home Workout Video

Arming yourself with the right equipment and switching to a life spent working (out) from home can provide the ideal opportunity to transform your physique.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, add muscle or just adopt healthier habits, the lack of distractions and additional hours mean that you can really dedicate yourself to your health and fitness. That the pubs are closed is just a welcome bonus.

Which is exactly what TV personality and recently-signed Crawley Town FC player Mark Wright seems to have been doing, after bringing his 1.8m Instagram followers behind the scenes of his go-to workout routine.

As the Instagram stories below show, the 33-year-old has been grinding hard over the past few months, with his tenacity from training showing no signs of slowing down.

In the stories, a lean Wright — with impressively-sized shoulders — reps out strict pull-ups, pull-up holds and dumbbell bicep curls in his home gym in Essex. It forms part of his training for his second stint at Crawley FC, where Mark, the new #30, has been “a great role model for players in the future” with an “exemplary attitude.” Wright also represented England during the Soccer Aid for Unicef 2020 match between England and Rest of the World at Old Trafford in September 2020.

“Starting out on a reality TV show does come with a stigma. The minute somebody does one, they apparently have no talents. But I beg to differ,” said Wright to the Radio Times. “It’s not easy to have a camera put in your face and be expected to be entertaining or likeable.” Despite this, Wright has used his work ethic to build Train Wright, a fitness platform for those with a similar mindset. Discipline, a good attitude and a solid workout routine—there’s no denying Wright has an impressive body of work.

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