Peter Thomas Roth's New Potent-C Power Scrub Instantly Made My Skin Brighter

Peter Thomas Roth’s New Potent-C Power Scrub Instantly Made My Skin Brighter

I didn’t understand the magic of exfoliation when I was younger. I bounced between two extremes: overdoing it with a cleansing scrub that was way too harsh for my skin every day and neglecting the process altogether. Now, I pride myself on having an exfoliation routine that not only keeps my skin smooth but is also like a self-care treat I look forward to every week.

It’s not easy finding the right rhythm for your skin — especially if you have a sensitive complexion like myself — but once you do, it’s worth it to see the positive results coming through. Consistency is key, but so is having the right products. I’ve tried plenty of exfoliating and resurfacing products: scrubs, peels, microdermabrasion, acids, brushes — you name it. What I’ve discovered works for me is a combination of a chemical exfoliating serum or peel pad and a physical scrub, both used separately, once a week.

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