The best of TikTok’s many time saving hair hacks

Written by Ava Welsing-Kitcher

With an endless plethora of hair hacks for all types and textures, there’s really no excuse to not try at least one or two. We’ve done the hard work of sourcing the best and most innovative so you don’t have to – all you need to do is get those hands to work.

We all have our go-tos when it comes to hair, be it a low ponytail with some tendrils hastily pulled out, or a good old headscarf. There really isn’t any need to roll out the heat tools day after day, or employ some elaborate braiding technique (don’t even talk to us about fishtails) when time is not on your side.

But that’s not to say that our everyday go-tos aren’t deserving of a little zhoosh. Do you always despair that your bun looks lacklustre? There’s a TikTok hack for that – bolstering volume to ensure you’re happy with how it looks, which means less untying and retying during the day. Don’t have time to iron your headscarf or hijab? TikTok’s already got it covered (as always). And if you’ve yet to master the art of canerows (or just don’t have the time), you guessed it: TikTok’s found a way to fake the look so you can wear them out or quickly lay your wig on top. With no further ado, prepare to blitz your way through to a whole new world full of extra snooze time…

Quick half-up hair TikTok hacks

For an elegant look that looks even better in the back, take two front pieces on either side, tie them under your chin with a small elastic band (we recommend clear, and coat them with a little hair oil or serum to protect your strands), then flip over your head. Pull out any face-framing tendrils and you’re good to go. If you’re in even more of a rush, simply grab your hair claw (as seen below) and rake it through the top of the hair before clipping at the back – but for those with afro or curly hair, avoid this one unless you want to deal with tangles.

TikTok hack for a bigger afro ponytail

This hack is amazing for so many reasons beyond boosting volume. For one, it makes the slicking back process so much easier as you’re only dealing with half your hair at a time. Secondly, it creates less tension on the hairline because while one hairband is anchoring the front section down, the second is carrying most of the weight for the back section, meaning less tension and pulling. For straight hair, there’s also this viral equivalent for making your ponytail longer. 

TikTok hack for creased hijabs

Nobody has time to iron in the morning, let alone set up an ironing board (or make your bed) for just one small item. Using straighteners as an iron isn’t anything new (it sure was a saviour for school shirt collars back in the day), but it doesn’t work so great on actual clothes. But for headscarves and hijabs? Absolutely. Clamp and run the tongs down to smooth out any creases. 

TikTok hack for faking canerows

This one isn’t as much of a time saver per se, but it sure is if canerows and flat twists take you forever (not everyone has the magic fingers straightaway). Take some thick thread and a needle, preferably a curved or upholstery one, and make looping stitches from the front to the back. The hair will obey and get tucked over with each stitch, so trust the process. 

TikTok hack for tackling greasy roots

The top half will always sell you out if you haven’t used actual shampoo for days and days. Fight against it without going the full mile by splitting your hair into two buns: on the top and on the bottom. Tip your head over the bath or in the shower, undo the top, and wash without getting the bottom half wet (it’s easier than it seems). Alternatively, spray dry shampoo into your roots as usual, but make sure to give it a quick blitz with a hairdryer or brush it through to disperse all the particles evenly – meaning no more white streaks and perfect lift and movement throughout. 

TikTok hack for overnight curls

We know bathrobe waves completely took over the internet in 2020, but the way they work is based on flexi rods – a tool that’s been used by the Black hair community for years. Choose your size: smaller yields tighter curls, and the biggest will give you looser Hollywood waves or ringlets depending on what hair texture you start out with. Make sure to give your hair 10 minutes to settle after taking the rods out, then comb out the curls and separate with fingers.

TikTok hack for hair elastics

If your hair’s more on the fine side, or you’ve reached the thinner ends, wrapping a hairband round and round about six times becomes a chore. Instead, twist it around a few times and finish it off with a final wrap, meaning you’ve only had to wrap it twice. If that explanation doesn’t make sense, the video will…

TikTok hack for a faux fringe on afro hair

For straight hair, it’s as easy as putting your hair in a bun and pulling through your ends to fake a fringe. For afro and curly hair, you can either do the same or use any spare wefts to create a fringe or a longer side piece. Pin it into your bun then leave as is, or wrap a headscarf around as seen below.

TikTok hack for a bun with no hair tie

Not a time saver as such, but definitely a lifesaver when you’re stuck without a hairband. We’re not even going to try and explain this one, but let’s just say it involves some twisting and looping – we’re guessing it’ll take a few tries to nail this one, but it’ll be worth it.

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