The internet is obsessed with ‘Wednesday bangs’ – 10 fringes to inspire your next cut

Written by Morgan Fargo

Romantic and chic, meet the Wednesday bang.

TV is serving good hair right now. From Elizabeth Debicki’s choppy, perpetually wrought hair in The Crown to Jennifer Coolidge’s intensely glamorous, always ‘done’ looks on the second season of White Lotus and the intricate creations for House Of The Dragon and Rings Of Power, there’s been a wave of impressive, covetable hairstyles beamed into our brains. 

Most recently – and most prolifically on social media – the world has stopped for Jenna Ortega’s fringe. Yes, those Wednesday bangs. 

Ortega’s character, the inimitable, formidable, somewhat sadistic Wednesday Addams on Netflix’s Wednesday, has an enviable fringe – so much so that people are trying to emulate it at home. Users on TikTok are taking to the task, snipping and slicing away at the hair around their faces to create a full, curtain-esque fringe that’s parted in the middle.

While I’m not suggesting you go at it yourself, I do think this fringe is a brilliant place to start if you’re toying with the idea of a new style. They’re long enough to clip back, should you want, while still looking romantic and chic. Before you book an appointment, have a flick through these styles – there’s everything from baby Wednesday bangs to heavier, curly and wavy versions. Inspiration galore.

  • Classic Wednesday bangs

  • Sleek Wednesday bangs

  • Baby Wednesday bangs

  • Heavy Wednesday bangs

  • Wavy Wednesday bangs

  • Curly wavy bangs

  • Slick Wednesday bangs

  • Light Wednesday bangs

  • Side-part Wednesday bangs

  • Mid-length Wednesday bangs

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