This 50% Off Hairspray Is ‘a Miracle’ for Thickening Thin Hair

The wide world of hair growth and thickening products is a wonderland of promises, and occasionally products deliver on luscious heads of hair. But given the nature of hair growth, the time between investing in a raved-about shampoo or serum and actually seeing results can span months, or weeks if you're lucky. The exception is a thickening powder that instantly gives body and volume to thin hair in a quick, simple spray.  

Joico's Hair Shake Liquid to Powder Texturizing Finisher was made to immediately add volume and density to hair, whether it's playing up what's naturally there or inventing thickness altogether. According to the brand, the finisher uses liquid-to-powder technology to give you "drama-filled, voluminous hair" that's ready to be filled with secrets — and right now, you can grab it for a solid 50 percent off.  

Shoppers call it the answer for lending body to their thin, limp, and fine hair, a few squirts of it at their roots enough to significantly bulk up their strands. One person who lost over half their hair last summer says the Hair Shake has been essential to help with new growth; another reviewer adds that their hair was very thin after chemotherapy, but Joico's spray has "given me back the look of a full head of hair."

Joico Hair Shake

Shop now: $9 (Originally $19); and 

People with thin hair especially heap the spray with praise, one person going so far as to call it "magic for thin hair," and another "a miracle." Someone else dubs it the best product they've ever used on their thinning hair. On Ulta, shoppers likewise say they've never before experienced volume like the Joico spray gives them, so much so that they're no longer able to see their part. 

Across the board, it gives flat and limp hair a new lease on life, and works so well that one shopper says they can get rid of all their other hair products. On top of that, hair is left shiny and, unlike with some volumizing sprays, not sticky in the least. Instant gratification doesn't come often — so for less than $10, why wait months for new growth when you can feel like it's there right away? Some questions don't have answers.

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