This Guy Trained Like a Gymnast for 30 Days to Build His Strength and Flexibility

Fitness YouTuber Brandon William has undertaken all kinds of challenges that have tested his strength and endurance, from military fitness tests to bodybuilding workouts. Following a recent video in which he attempted the U.S. Olympic gymnast fitness test, William decides to spend a month training like a gymnast in order to see how much of that strength, stability, mobility and coordination he can develop in just 30 days.

First, he conducts a “day zero” strength test on pullups (3 reps), handstand pushups (6), leg dips (4), and leg raises (2) which he will then repeat at the end of the challenge to gage his progress. Then, equipped with a bodyweight exercise-focused routine programmed by junior gymnastics coach Daniel, William starts his month of training.

To work on his pushing movement, he does planche pushups, handstand pushups, wrist-supported pushups, and dips. For pulling, he practices rope climbs, leg lifts, and a series of pullup variations. He also works on his basic gymnastic skills with handstand shrugs, press handstand variations, tap swings, and pommel horse drills.

After 30 days, William carries out his strength test again, and learns that despite “slacking off” on his handstand pushups a little, he has doubled his max from 6 reps to 12. He has also improved his performance on each of the other exercises, and is now able to do 17 dips, 10 pullups, and 9 leg raises with good form before reaching failure.

“Even if I didn’t really get any kind of gains on my body, I’m still extremely happy with the strength and especially the flexibility gains that I’ve made,” he says.

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