TikTok MUA Abby Roberts on Lashes, Sustainability, and Doing Billie Eilish's Makeup One Day

Abby Roberts is one of the most influential people in the beauty industry right now. With a 16.7-million-strong follower count on TikTok alone, she knows her way around a viral trend, a colorful eyeshadow palette, and a pair of fluffy, dramatic lashes — and that’s exactly why the brand Tatti Lashes was the perfect collaboration.

The 20-year-old self-taught makeup artist has collaborated with Tatti Lashes to create a five-piece eyelash collection. The collaboration features two sets of lashes, the Artisté Custom Lash Set and the Evolution, as well as an ultrasensitive eyelash adhesive (more on that later) and a dual-purpose lash applicator — which we promise is a product you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. The collection also includes a gift set with the whole five-piece product selection, so get that on your list to Santa ASAP.

To celebrate the launch, POPSUGAR spoke to Roberts all about the game-changing new eyelash adhesive formula, her future dream collaboration, and why sustainability was front of mind while creating the collection.

POPSUGAR: Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Tatti Lashes?

Abby Roberts: Tatti Lashes is a brand I’ve followed for years. They’re always ahead of the game, and they’ve partnered with some iconic names over the years. They are really diverse and seem to create lash trends rather than follow them. I loved how open [the founders] Charlotte and Elliot were to bring my vision to life; the whole process was really natural, and they allowed me to create my own collection rather than just putting my name to it. I even designed the outer packaging — all of the illustrations are my sketches.

PS: How did you come up with the eyelash styles for the collection?

AR: I would always cut a full eyelash to make a half lash, so I had to make sure that we had a half lash. They are so easy to wear and are the perfect lash to take you from day to night. I like to apply mascara to my natural lashes first, then use the dual-ended applicator to adjust the lash so it fits perfectly with my own.

For the dramatic lash evolution, it’s my signature go-to style. I loved the idea of creating a spikey lash that makeup artists would love to use. From the offset, Tatti and I had always spoken about my “alter ego” and how I had evolved as an artist over the years, which is the theme of the campaign. I wanted a collection that was completely customizable. With the three lashes we’ve launched, we’ve already worked out at least nine different lash looks you can create. I wore the Evolution lash over Fashion Week, and I loved my makeup for the Richard Quinn show.

The individual sections are the best way to customize any look because they are so diverse and anyone can use them. I personally like to add them to the half lash for extra volume, and I love wearing them on the bottom lash as a statement. They are so fine, which means they can be placed anywhere on the upper or lower lash line without them looking too dramatic or bulky.

PS: Could you explain a little bit about the lash adhesive being nonirritating and why this was important to you?

AR: Anyone who follows me knows that I have a love/hate relationship with lash adhesive; I’ve annoyingly developed an allergy to it, which is not ideal as a makeup artist. I’ve tried so many formulations and had some really bad reactions, so I was so excited to work with Tatti Lashes in the lab and create this formula. It’s really stripped back and contains no acrylates [editor note: this ingredient found in eyelash adhesive can cause irritation and allergies in some people], meaning it’s so gentle. It’s the only adhesive that I don’t react to, so it’s a dream.

For me, I think this is the most exciting product in my collection. It’s different to other adhesives in the way it dries. It’s really fast drying, so you don’t need to wait for it to go tacky like other lash adhesives; it literally needs five seconds, then can be applied, which is perfect if you’re in a rush.

PS: We absolutely love the dual-ended lash applicator. Was it something you always wished you had in your kit?

AR: Yes! It makes lash application so easy. The tweezer end is so fine and pointed, so it doesn’t damage the lash in any way, and then the comb makes sure your lashes blend perfectly. It’s great if you’re wearing the half lash or stacking the individuals to blend them.

PS: Was it important to you that the lashes are biodegradable?

AR: This was so important to me. From the outset, I told Tatti Lashes how important sustainability was and that I really wanted to create a range that was 100 percent recyclable. They made sure absolutely everything from the lashes themselves to the packaging to PR mailer that went out was recyclable — they even created a new technology for the lashes, which no other brand has done before. It’s something we are all really proud of.

PS: If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would be your dream person to work with in the future?

AR: Definitely Billie Eilish; she would be a dream to collab with. I would love to do her makeup, that would be crazy.

PS: Will you and Charlotte ever collaborate with a brand or product in the future?

AR: Maybe one day . . . you’ll have to wait and see.

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