I Tried the Amazon Nose Patch That Sold Out in Six Hours, and It Worked Wonders on My Pores

If you've ever used a pimple patch, you're already familiar with hydrocolloid, the magical material responsible for soaking up your worst blemish gunk. Backed by countless skincare brands, hydrocolloid is extremely effective at absorbing liquid. Commonly utilized in a smaller, pimple-sized form, the skincare's community favorite gunk-sucker got an oversized

13 Ways to Treat Stubborn Cystic Acne, According to Derms

Life is filled with ironies. Take this one as an example. As a teenager, I would get the occasional pimple, if that. Nothing major. Now that I'm in my twenties, however, I break out all the time. I honestly feel like my hormones think that I'm ten years younger than I

There's Been No Shortages of New Celebrity Tattoos This Year

https://www.instagram.com/p/CYkM0JUvnDB/ Demi Lovato’s Spider Head Tattoo There have already been plenty of new and exciting celebrity tattoos in 2022. Tattoos often hold a special meaning to the wearer, like in many of the ahead examples. From friendship tattoos to ink that represents their favorite memory, these are some of the

This Hair Growth Treatment Works So Well, Shoppers Call It "Miraculous"

Trends come and go, but the allure of thick, lush hair is eternal. That desire has only been amplified by the pandemic, going by InStyle readers' buying habits — and it makes sense, especially considering the effect of COVID-19 on hair loss (and everything else). While there are tons of

Jennifer Lopez’s eye kit is 40% off at Sephora – plus 6 more beauty deals under $20

Are you ready for your 2022 glow-up? We love the winter sales, and we’re especially thrilled Sephora‘s discounts include amazing beauty deals perfect for our New Year, New Me vibe – including the Pat McGrath mascara and eyeliner combo worn by Jennifer Lopez.  RELATED: Jennifer Lopez’s hair secrets revealed: The products

The Best Beauty Moments from the ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Premiere

If you’re watching Euphoria season two for another round of envelope-pushing makeup looks, you’ll have to look a little closer this time. The mind behind the HBO show’s headline-worthy makeup, Doniella Davy, told Us Weekly that this season, she’s describing the looks as “discoverable” as opposed to in-your-face. “It’s not

Beyoncé's Makeup Artist Swears By This Blush, So I Put It to the Test

TM Essentials is a brand that creates both makeup and skin care. Celebrity makeup artist Sir John has shared how much he loves its products. One editor tried the brand’s blush, called Cheek Glaze, and was impressed with the results. Blush is one of my favorite categories of makeup. Birthdays,

This Facial Kit Makes Turkey Neck, Forehead Wrinkles, and Crow's Feet "Disappear Almost Completely"

As a beauty writer, I'm always surfing the internet for the next intriguing product to share with InStyle readers, and I'm rarely blown away by what I see. Many formulas read like carbon copies and promise the same transformative outcomes as the next. But after reading through the thousands of

Uh — Why Is Everyone on My TikTok and Instagram Feeds Using Blue Foundation?

Even as a beauty writer heavily immersed in the world of makeup, I am still always discovering new products and learning new tricks while scrolling through TikTok. Rediscovering Clinique's Black Honey is a no-brainer, but seeing people suddenly stock up on blue foundation? I'm confused. At first glance, I could

Shoppers Say This Upper Lip Treatment Makes Wrinkles "Practically Non-Existent" — and It's on Sale

Not to give you a reason to smile less, but fine lines tend to appear around the mouth far sooner than other areas of the face. Habits such as smoking or poor nutrition, alongside natural causes like genetics and sun damage, are often the main contributors to their unwanted appearance.