Here's the Secret to Chrissy Teigen's Rice Krispies

Let’s be real: Right now, at this unprecedented juncture in world history, comfort food is king. And ICYMI, Chrissy Teigen is its queen. So, when she and her adorable daughter Luna Legend decided to share their Rice Krispies recipe hacks this weekend, it goes without saying we took note. And

Steak: How to cook steak

Whether you prefer a soft fillet steak, succulent sirloin or delicious rib-eye cut, cooking the perfect steak definitely takes practice. If you poke the meat with your finger while it’s cooking, you can test how done it is. The meat will feel very soft when it’s raw, slightly firmer when

How to cook grains

In the UK, Britons are about to enter its third week of lockdown with many only leaving home once a day to exercise or buy essential goods such as food and medicine. The three-week lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on March 23. Mr Johnson said people must

Coronavirus: Eateries in Singapore preparing for the worst

Good news is scarce these days in Singapore’s food-and-beverage scene. Restaurants have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and many are empty at meal times, as Singapore hunkers down at home. Two surveys, which came out in the past week, tell of restaurants hitting rock bottom. The latest, by

Creative but easy pasta recipes for when you get tired of pesto

If you just can’t face making another basic pesto or tasteless tomato sauce-based dish, but are sitting on a stockpiled goldmine of pasta, don’t fret – we’ve got you. You don’t need to be a chef to make delicious pasta, nor do you need to leave the comfort of your

Casa Bonita workers say their checks have bounce, pay is missing

Before coronavirus, Casa Bonita was a strange household name and a dream-like destination for kids of any age in Colorado. But three weeks into the shutdown, employees say the beloved “eater-tainment” restaurant has left them and their loved ones in a nightmare of sorts. Many of their mid-March paychecks bounced

Here’s How To Make Dalgona Coffee Without A Mixer For A Frothy Sip

Dalgona coffee is the viral sip that’s been taking over social media platforms like TikTok. The coffee’s whipped texture is dreamy, but the best part is you only need three ingredients to make it at home. Getting that texture might seem hard if you don’t have an electric mixer, but

Joanna Gaines Shares a Recipe for the Soup She and Chip Had on One of Their First Dates

Magnolia Table, Volume 2 is slated to hit stores on April 7 and is officially available for pre-order now. Get a taste of what’s to come with the full soup recipe below. Joanna Gaines’ Creamy Chicken Poblano Soup 8 Tbsp. (1 stick) unsalted butter2 cups small-diced onion (about 1 large)4