There’s Only One Right Way to Squeeze a Lemon

Of all the most hated kitchen tasks, squeezing a lemon ranks somewhere below mincing garlic and above chopping an onion. This is largely due to the fact that lemon seeds, tricky little buggers that they are, have a propensity to leap from the pulp of the fruit and into whatever

Planters kills off iconic Mr. Peanut mascot ahead of Super Bowl

Fox News Flash top headlines for Jan. 22 Fox News Flash top headlines for Jan. 22 are here. Check out what’s clicking on Planters' fans are about to be really salty. The iconic – and probably only – centenarian legume-based mascot, Mr. Peanut, has tragically died, Planters revealed Wednesday. The

This Guy Overcame His Gym Nerves and Lost 80 Pounds in 9 Months

The turning point came when Chris Hwalek saw a picture of himself. Since he was young, the 43-year-old electrical sign installer from Somers, Connecticut, had been pretty heavy. He’d put on some pounds in high school, playing as lineman on the football team. As his weight crept up as an

Peranakan eatery Belimbing Superstar, sister restaurant of Coconut Club, closes after just months

SINGAPORE – Peranakan economical rice eatery Belimbing Superstar, the sister restaurant of The Coconut Club, has ended operations just months after opening in August last year. In a Facebook post on Tuesday (Jan 21), the eatery in Ann Siang Hill announced its closure and thanked customers for their support. No

El Chapo's daughter is releasing beer named for her father

Fox News Flash top headlines for Jan. 20 Fox News Flash top headlines for Jan. 20 are here. Check out what’s clicking on It’ll be the kingpin of beers. Jailed drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s daughter is getting ready to launch a new line of beer inspired by

Ina Garten's 15 Best Vegetarian Recipes

A colorful bed of roasted veggies are so often featured as the supporting cast in many healthy, hearty dishes, but to shine the spotlight on them as the star of the dish? It’s one of Ina Garten’s signature moves. The Barefoot Contessa host ⁠— and our culinary queen ⁠— has

Ohio police describe Girl Scout cookies as 'highly addictive substance,' offer to take them off citizens' hands

Check out the Girl Scouts’ newest cookie The Girl Scouts’ Lemon-Ups are baked with inspiring messages on them. The first taste usually isn’t even free, either. Police in northeast Ohio are warning locals to stay wary of a “highly addictive substance” that will soon be flooding their neighborhood: Girl Scout

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose issue urgent food recall – check affected items now

Shoppers at supermarket chains Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose are being warned that some food items are being recalled. Alerts were issued by the Food Standard Agency (FSA) to check affected products, this week. Doritos, burgers and dog food are some of the products that the UK’s leading supermarkets are urgently