It's been 10 years since my first love took his own life

I was never the cool kid in school, though I always wanted to be. Unfortunately as a closeted boy who did drama and spent his break times in the dance studio, I sat on my own most lunch times unless some kids I’d known from primary school took pity on

Prince Charles and Diana WERE in love, despite what The Crown claims

Prince Charles and Diana WERE in love, despite what The Crown claims: Smitten royal would squeeze his wife’s bottom in public and they shared ‘genuine happiness’, Queen’s former press secretary reveals Speaking to True Royalty TV, Dickie Arbiter said show should come with warning Said couple ‘couldn’t keep their hands

National Dog Show results: Scottish deerhound takes best in show, but tiny pup Chester wins Twitter's heart

Florida man saves dog from alligator Florida man saves dog from alligator. Footage courtesy of Florida Wildlife Federation/ fStop Foundation. She’s ruff competition. A 3-year-old Scottish deerhound named Claire won the National Dog Show 2020 Thursday — becoming the first of her breed ever to fetch the coveted title. The

Superman & Lois Actor Offers First Look At Clarke Kent’s 2 Sons

Fans have gotten a sneak peek at Superman and Lois’s sons, thanks to actor Birsie Tulloch sharing a behind-the-scenes photo on social media this week. Tulloch joined the Arrowverse as Lois Lane in 2018 and will stay true to the role for the upcoming Superman & Lois show set to

How to check if you’re eligible for a third self-employment grant before it opens next week

SELF-EMPLOYED workers are now being offered a third round of financial support as part of the governments' measures to help people during the coronavirus crisis. The self-employment income support scheme (SEISS) gives grants to help those who work for themselves if their income has been negatively impacted. SEISS has so far given

Prince Charles and Camilla disabled their Twitter replies after being trolled by fans of ‘The Crown’

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have disabled replies on their Twitter account after receiving a flood of pro-Princess Diana comments on their posts. The recent backlash is in response to the portrayal of their affair in "The Crown." The fourth season focuses on the love triangle between Charles,

Woman bought ASOS jumpsuit only to find it barely covered her chest

Woman left in hysterics after buying jumpsuit from ASOS only to find it barely covers her chest – but others joke it gives her a ‘natural looking lift’ Perri, 20, from New York, took to TikTok to post jumpsuit she bought from ASOS Told how she checked measurements and learned

Globe-Trotter's 12-Slot Centenary Is the Watch Case Your Luxury Timepieces Deserve

British luxury luggage maker Globe-Trotter has now applied its expertise in stylish, transportable storage to the world of horology, crafting a 12-slot watch case for those who treasure timepieces. Constructed with vulcanized fiber boards, the Centenary case is lined with premium leather in three different shades: a full black option,