ARTHUR LAFFER: U-turn on 45p is a hammer blow to Britain's prosperity

I’m dismayed by the U-turn on 45p. It’s a hammer blow to Britain’s future prosperity, writes ARTHUR LAFFER, Ronald Reagan’s guru whose famous curve is taught to every economics student One day back in the 1970s, I was dining with three colleagues in a restaurant in Washington DC when I

Shantaram review: Apple’s sprawling 12-parter is just the beginning

Shantaram, Apple TV+★★★½ After 12 hour-long episodes, Shantaram ends with a title card: “to be continued …” Sprawling though this tale may be, it has only just begun. Adapted from Gregory David Roberts’ 936-page 2003 novel – which was drawn from his life experiences and first appeared in the world

Woman kicks out teenage server at her wedding to not be 'overshined'

Bride kicks teen server OUT of her wedding for wearing ‘too much eyeliner’ and ‘inappropriate’ clothing – so is she in the wrong? A bride has asked if she was wrong for kicking a server out of her wedding The women believed the teenage server was wearing ‘too much eyeliner’

Tamera Mowry-Housley Gets Real About 'The Real' In New Memoir, "You Should Sit Down For This"

Tamera Mowry-Housley is ready to tell her full truth. The actres and ex-talk-show host is letting her guard down in her new memoir, YOU SHOULD SIT DOWN FOR THIS: A Memoir about Life, Wine, + Cookies, and being frank about her transition in the public eye from child star to talk

Russian Journalist Who Staged Anti-War Protest On State TV Has Escaped From House Arrest

Marina Ovsyannikova, the Russian TV news producer who staged an anti-war protest live on state TV last March, has escaped house arrest according to multiple reports. It’s unclear how Ovsyannikova slipped away or where she went, but she apparently has her 11-year-old daughter in tow. As a result, Ovsyannikova was

Kaley Cuoco: Johnny Galecki Worried Romance Would Ruin ‘Big Bang Theory’

Does art imitate life? Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki kept their real-life romance a secret — partially out of concern that it would ruin their Big Bang Theory characters’ relationship for fans. Kaley Cuoco’s Dating History: Johnny Galecki, Karl Cook and More “When we were dating, Johnny was very worried

Drinking diet drinks 'harms your brain function and increases risk of memory loss' | The Sun

WE all know we need to eat less sugar, and sweeteners offer a compelling alternative. But more evidence is beginning to emerge that the substitute might actually be damaging your body in more ways than real sugar ever could. A new study has found that consuming artificial sweeteners as a