Why It Doesn't Seem Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Letting Archie Bond With His Cousins

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have said on several occasions that they want to create as private of a life as possible for their son Archie. However, some fans have called them out on that after they posted several photos and videos of their son while on their tour of

Chick-fil-A to close first UK location as LGBT groups protest

We bet on talent at Chick-Fil-A: Former executive Former Chick-Fil-A executive Dee Ann Turner discusses the continued success of Chick-Fil-A. Chick-fil-A said it has agreed to close its pilot location in the UK as LGBT groups protested the location in a mall about an hour from London. Continue Reading Below The

Grab Kylie Jenner’s Latest Lip Kit While You Can — Only at Ulta!

Anyone who knows Us knows that it’s a rare occasion to catch us without lipstick on. If we only have time to apply just one thing before leaving the house, it’s always lipstick. (Mascara comes in second!) Everyone can only imagine our excitement when we found out one of our

Is the cinema too loud? Tell-tale signs you’re showing your age

Hugh Grant recently expressed his irritation with the volume levels in cinemas. "Am I old or is the cinema MUCH TOO LOUD?" he tweeted. You're very much not alone in finding the cinema horribly noisy, Hugh – never mind Joker, what about Batman?! – but we do feel duty bound

ASOS just released a collab with the designer who dresses Lizzo

Ever felt like you weren’t entirely 100% that b*tch? More like, 60 to 95% perhaps? Well, you can change that with the help of ASOS’s new collection. The online retailer has joined sartorial forces with Christian Cowan, the British designer who dresses ‘Truth Hurts’ goddess Lizzo. This isn’t the only

Nazi menace has returned to Europe with rise of far-right extremism

The world was sickened by ­images of footie thugs throwing Nazi salutes during England’s match in Sofia this week. But the horrifying gestures and vile racism from Bulgaria fans were just a hint at the terrifying grip that far-right extremism is taking across Europe. Underground groups are spewing hate on