Pilot reveals why emptying plane toilets is popular with ground crews

Pilot reveals how passenger aircraft toilets are emptied – and bizarrely why it’s a popular job with ground crew In this book, pilot Doug Morris makes revelations that are far from bog-standard He also reveals how 787 pilots can see the forward washroom door via a camera This had led

Hong Kong Locals on Where to Eat, Drink and Play During Art Basel

HONG KONG — It’s hungry business, walking around art fairs and gallery hopping. But the locals know where to find the tastiest morsels and where to kick back and relax. The chef Olivier Elzer, the Young Soy Gallery founder Shivang Jhunjhnuwala and the artist Tang Kwok Hin are all longtime

Why this Hard Rock Hotel is a hit with holidaymakers | The Sun

THE COSTA DEL SOL’S golden era radiated timeless glamour with a slick rock ’n’ roll edge. These days, nothing matches that vibe better than the recently revamped Hard Rock Hotel Marbella.  Perched on a hill overlooking the Nueva Andalucia beach, the Hard Rock Hotel Marbella has an enviable A-list location

The incredible houses in Greece built under giant boulders

It’s a hard rock life! The incredible houses in Greece built under giant boulders The Greek island of Ikaria is scattered with stone ‘anti-piracy’ houses  They are dwellings built under boulders to hide residents from pirates The idea was to trick pirates into thinking the island was completely uninhabited  MORE:

Can you take an electric shaver in hand luggage? | The Sun

ELECTRIC shavers may be seen as essential by people who keep themselves looking neat and tidy. However, are you allowed to take them on a flight, and if so, what are the rules regarding them? Can you take an electric shaver in hand luggage? When travelling from a UK airport,

Holidaymaker reveals how he avoids paying for Ryanair luggage fees with a £7 bag | The Sun

A PASSENGER has revealed the £7 bag they swear by for avoiding Ryanair luggage fees. Avoiding excess baggage fees is one great way to keep holiday costs down, but it can be difficult, especially on budget airlines with strict carry-on rules. In a video on TikTok, one Ryanair passenger shared how

The holiday hotspots around the world where selfies are illegal | The Sun

NEXT time you're whipping your phone out for a selfie on holiday, you may want to check you aren't breaking the rules. A number of holiday hotspots ban people from taking selfies – and it could see you fined. Photography experts at ParrotPrint.com have revealed the seven places where selfies are strictly

The Brits who left home for the 'Good Life' in Poland

The Brits who left home for the ‘Good Life’ in Poland – one of the fastest-growing destinations for UK retirees EXCLUSIVE: Thousands of pensioners are leaving  UK to start a new life in Poland They cite their money going further giving them a better quality of life  Marianne Goodman can’t