‘90 Day Fiancé’s Fernanda Flores Accuses Jonathan Rivera Of Abuse

Fernanda Flores and Jonathan Rivera shocked 90 Day Fiancé fans when they announced their split only months after tying the knot. Now, the brunette beauty is shocking viewers again, as she has finally revealed the alleged reason for their split.

Fernanda posted a 44-minute video entitled “My Truth” on YouTube. In the video, she explained how she is telling her side of the split.

“I realized that he likes to drink way too much,” she claimed in the video. “And I also realized that he did not have my best interests in mind. It was hard.”

After they tied the knot in Chicago, she claimed things went from “bad to worse” when they returned to North Carolina.

She claimed he wasn’t good with money.

“He wouldn’t let me have my own money,” she said. “He opened me an account linked to his account. I only had money if he transferred money into my account.”

Her friend then explained how Fernanda told Jonathan that she was depressed and needed therapy.

“He wasn’t taking that seriously,” the friend said. “When you’re like that you need someone there to comfort and talk to you. She said one night she was by herself and she had the thought of taking a razor and cutting her wrist.”

Fernanda continued, “The mental abuse became verbal abuse. He would tell me I’m lazy, I’m so skinny, making me not feel attractive to him anymore. ‘You don’t have a reason to feel that way, you have everything you need.’ He would be like, ‘Help yourself Fernanda.’”

She then noticed that he would talk to other girls on social media. When she confronted him, he said he was “reaching out to his fans.”

Their relationship allegedly turned “abusive.”

“There were a couple of times where Jonathan put his hands on me,” she alleged.

While out with friends, Fernanda had a conversation with another man who spoke Spanish. Jonathan allegedly became upset that she was talking to another guy.

“Jonathan was pissed, yelling at me, calling me a b***h,” she claimed. “He was so drunk and high and I don’t know what else.”

He allegedly wanted to leave right away and made her get in a car with him.

“I didn’t want to get in the car with him,” she said. “He take my arm and bring me into the car. I was crying. I was afraid for my life.”

She later found an empty condom wrapper.

“I flipped out,” she claimed. “His reaction: Grab me from the neck and push me to the wall.”

“That’s not mine, you’re crazy,” he allegedly screamed at her.

Jonathan has yet to respond to the claims. He has not responded to Radar’s request for comment.

The couple had issues on 90 Day Fiancé. When she moved to America, she found another woman’s underwear in his room. He claimed he had no idea he still had them.

The two are in the process of a divorce.

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