Actress Azita Ghanizada Blames Trump and Biden for Afghanistan Collapse

Azita Ghanizada says Afghan-Americans like herself knew Donald Trump‘s brokered peace deal with the Taliban would “end disastrously” … but she adds, President Biden didn’t do anything to stop it from happening either.

The Kabul-born actress — known for roles in “Complete Unknown,” “Ballers” and “Magnum P.I.” — was in downtown L.A. Tuesday when she talked to us about the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan … telling us it’s a horrible situation to witness.

Like many Americans, Azita’s placing the blame for the country’s collapse on politicians of the past 2 decades — from both parties — but specifically calls out Trump for negotiating a peace deal with the Taliban in early 2020.

However, she also calls Biden’s decision to hastily withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan a “stain” on his presidency … and clearly thinks it contributed to the current crisis.

Azita’s also very concerned about what this means for women’s rights in Afghanistan, as the Taliban’s promise to protect them is dubious at best … and has already been contradicted by reports of a woman being executed for not wearing a burqa.

She tells us the fear is real for women in Afghanistan, as the Taliban being in control likely means women will be set back at least 20 years in society.

Finally, Azita’s calling on the world to help the refugees who are trying to flee Afghanistan … pointing out they are in a desperate situation.

This was very evident this past weekend, as hundreds of people stormed the Kabul airport to escape and even tried to cling to U.S. cargo jets as they evacuated … and some even plummeted to their deaths.

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