Affion Crockett Beefing Up Security After 'Karen' Interrupts Stand-Up Set

Affion Crockett is taking steps to ensure another “Karen” can’t step on his stage during a comedy set.

We got the comedian at LAX Monday and asked about the woman who rudely interrupted his stand-up act … and what he’s doing to make sure it never happens again.

Affion is chalking the incident up to booze and the age of social media … but he says it was still alarming for someone from the crowd to get so close to him, so he’s beefing up his security moving forward.

As we reported … Affion was performing Friday at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, FL when a woman barged on stage and tried ripping his material.

Affion says he tried to get an explanation out of the woman, but says she was too drunk … and still doesn’t know what set her off because he was harmlessly joking about sex.

The comedian says the woman was definitely a “Karen” … and he’s got a message for her, and anyone else thinking about pulling the same stunt.

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