AJ Pritchard wants brother Curtis to ‘move out’ of shared flat: ‘It’s my way or the highway’

AJ Pritchard has said it "won't be long" until his brother Curtis Pritchard has to move out of his flat.

Sharing an insight into their close bond with OK! in conjunction with William Hill, AJ, 27, discussed what he and Love Island star Curtis squabble about, while adding that the new year might be time for Curtis to pack his bags.

"It's getting to the point now where I think, by next year, he'll have moved out of my flat," the former Strictly star shared.

He continued to tell us: "He has had his Covid bubble now living rent free for two years and using all my water and electricity and I think it has got to the point now where he has realised 'no, no, it is time to move out.'"

The brothers, who share the same passions, are currently starring in a Cinderella pantomime together, but AJ shared that once they've finished that in January, he'll start dropping "move out hints."

AJ playfully quipped: "I have put the hints out there. We'll work through the pantomime then by January I'll put the hints out and be like 'oh, here's a house warming present for your new house that you'll move into in the next week.'

"Because it's my flat and I pay all the bills it's my way or the highway so I do have the upper hand."

Despite this, AJ said he "loves" working with his brother.

He said: "I love working with Curtis, but it is love hate sometimes because we're so different.

"Doing a pantomime together, I don't know what he'll do – whether he'll tease me on purpose or put me on the spot. But I do know when it comes together on a live stage or TV is a dream, plus mum and dad are happy because they only have to come and see one pantomime which is great.

"Me and Curtis have little squabbles over the most simplistic things, like who has used all the milk or someone eating the other's cereal."

AJ and Curtis Pritchard

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I'm A Celebrity star AJ and his reality star brother live together in a stylish London flat.

AJ into his London apartment in 2018, around the time he started dating girlfriend Abbie.

Sharing an update on how his relationship with his stunning dancer girlfriend is going, AJ told OK! that they're "better than ever."

"Abbie and I are stronger than ever. We've been together for two and a half years and it's really nice to share so many great memories together."

He continued: "We are trying to plan for the future and book holidays for next year and get some plans in after the past two years. I'm really in love and really happy."

Abbie, 24, sustained third degree burns after a video hack she and AJ were filming went wrong in January.

Opening up on her recovery, the dancer shared: "Abbie is doing really. We're really open and we talk whether we're having a good day or a bad day.

"Physically, her recovery is unbelievable considering what happened, and mentally we've both gone through forms of therapy and helped each other.

"We're super happy and everything is great with Abbie. It's nice to be in the moment and live a life where we appreciate each day and not rush anything – from jobs, works, holidays and things like that.

"We recently had an amazing spa day, and we're super happy and everything is going the right way."

AJ Pritchard was speaking to OK! Magazine in conjunction with William Hill

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