Alexandra Daddario Supports Leah Sava Jeffries’ ‘Percy Jackson’ Casting

Alexandra Daddario is speaking out about the casting of Leah Sava Jeffries in the upcoming Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series!

The 36-year-old actress of course portrayed Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson movies, while the young actress has been cast as the same character in the Disney+ show.

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Following the announcement of Leah‘s casting, while there was a very large show of support from fans, there was also some racist backlash.

Author Rick Riordan, and co-writer/executive producer on the upcoming series, recently spoke up slamming the backlash and supporting his decision in casting Leah.

Now, Alexandra is also showing her support.

“Leah Jeffries is going to be an incredible Annabeth!!!” she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday (May 10).

Shortly after Leah and Aryan Simhadri‘s castings were announced the week before, Alexandra also said, “Excited for the new Percy Jackson series!!!!”

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