Alice Evans Launches GoFundMe After Being Left Penniless Amid Divorce Battle

The ‘102 Dalmatians’ actress shares that while it’s ’embarrassing’ to ask people for money, she admits she is in a desperate state as all of her accounts have ‘ran out’ as she’s in divorce battle against ex Ioan Gruffudd.

AceShowbizAlice Evans has set up a GoFundMe page after claiming her divorce battle has left her penniless. Amid her long-running public split from Ioan Gruffudd, whom she accused of abruptly walking out on her and daughters Ella (12) and Elsie (8) in January, The “102 Dalmatians” actress claims she’s worried she faces being found in contempt of court because she can’t afford legal representation any more.

Alice admitted it was “embarrassing” to ask people for money, but she admitted she is in a desperate state as all of her accounts have “ran out” and she can’t even afford to buy essentials for herself or her children. In a post on her GoFundMe page, which has raised $855 of its $25,000 goal at the time of writing, Alice wrote, “I never in a million years thought I would be doing this.

“Until recently everything appeared to be going well in my life. I had a wonderful husband and two brilliant kids who had cost us the earth in IVF but were so worth it!” she added. “However in August 2020, just as the pandemic was really kicking in, my entire world fell apart. Since that date I have been not only struggling as a single mother to my babies, but also trying to cover bills and food and legal fees (ha! don’t even talk to me about legal fees) which dwarf any other expense in my life and have finally drained everything – savings, accounts, pension, the lot.”

Alice continued, “Yesterday all my accounts ran out and I couldn’t buy anything. On the same day, my husband’s lawyer sent me a letter telling me I was due in court on August 2nd to argue ‘my case’ in the divorce. I currently have no lawyer and no funds to pay one. If I don’t turn up at court I will be in contempt, and I have no idea what will happen to me or my kids at that point.”

“I’m asking for help – something I’ve never done in my life and never expected to do. I have no parents or extended family to borrow from . Just me, my brother and his wife in the UK and my two kids here in Los Angeles. Yes, it’s embarrassing. But here I am. Anything you can spare will help,” she noted.

Additionally, the actress referenced her dire financial situation in an Instagram post over the weekend, vowing to still be the best parent she can despite her hardship. “Trying to hold it all together whilst being threatened, completely out of money for food and bills and just found out somebody tried to break down our outside door last night!” she wrote longside a slow-motion video of her daughter jumping in the air.

“But it’s all worth it for this! ( And the one who currently doesn’t want to be photographed. ) Whatevs. Most of all, I will be the best mother I can possibly be. Forever. They will never lose me. Thank you everybody for so much love and support! Having a bit of a rough moment!” Alice concluded.

The actress filed the papers in a Los Angeles court last week. It stated that the 53-year-old actress will be representing herself in the divorce, having parted ways with lawyer Leon Bennett, while her estranged husband, who is now in a relationship with Bianca Wallace, has hired Anne Kiley, who also represents Brad Pitt.

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