Angelina Jolie went to Diplo’s backyard BBQ and now people think they’re banging

Many of you know that I have a “thing” for Diplo. It’s not even that I like his personality or anything, and I’m sure he’s pretty scummy to women, which definitely kills my lady-boner. But yeah, I’m attracted to him. I don’t want to speak to him or hang out with him or share feelings with him. I just want to bang him and leave and never tell anyone. Is my girl Angelina Jolie the same way? Does she also have a thing for dirtbag douchebags? Lord, Angie, I hope not. DeuxMoi posted this screen-cap from Diplo’s IG Stories, where it definitely looks like Angelina and Diplo were at the same backyard BBQ:

The look on her face, you guys. That’s a face that says “why am I here again?” That’s not the face of someone who is willingly hanging out with Diplo because they’re banging. Even though the idea of Angelina & Diplo enjoying a quickie one sultry spring night is fun, I doubt it. I just… hope not. But even if she did, she’s like me – she would never tell a soul.

Apparently Diplo and Jolie are neighbors or something? And maybe her kids are into Diplo? Eh. Also: he name-checked her in 2013!!

— diplo (@diplo) October 9, 2013

— kittybswift (@kswiftthegreat) April 6, 2021

Photos courtesy of Diplo’s Instagram & Avalon Red.

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