Ant and Dec do their first Bushtucker Trial on I'm a Celebrity

Ant and Dec attempt their first ever Bushtucker Trial on I’m A Celebrity special… after 19 YEARS of watching other stars do stomach-churning tasks

They’ve watched hundreds of celebrities to do them during their 19 years of presenting I’m a Celebrity. 

And now Ant and Dec have themselves participated in their first Bushtucker Trial, ahead of the programme’s first ever series to be taking place in Wales. 

The duo did the trial as part of I’m A Celebrity…A Jungle Story, which is set to focus on the Geordie duo taking a trip down memory lane as relive some of their favourite moments from 19 series of I’m A Celebrity.  

Slimed! Ant and Dec have participated in their first Bushtucker Trial, ahead of the programme’s first ever series to be taking place in Wales

A number of former campmates will talk about their time in the jungle, and the show will climax with Ant & Dec taking on a total of three terrifying Bushtucker Trials.  

The programme is set to air on Sunday 8 November, but images released before then show the much-loved presenters participating in their trial. 

The pair were pictured before and after their trial, and at the start they could not look more excited to be taking part for the first time. 

They were shown decked out in the camos and hats that viewers have become accustomed to seeing celebrities wear over the course of the show’s 19 series. 

Excited: The duo did the trial as part of I’m A Celebrity…A Jungle Story, and at first looked excited to be taking part

Uh oh: By the end, however, they appeared drenched in slime and looking a little worse for wear

But they come face to face with spiders, snakes, a waterfall of slime, and finally a terrifying food challenge.

A snap showing the pair at the end of the challenges showed them drenched in slime and looking a little worse for wear. 

The trial was hosted by 2016 I’m a Celebrity contestant Joel Dommett, and according to the Daily Star, the first trial was called Catch A Falling Star.  

To win stars Ant and Dec had to catch them as they dropped from overhead. And as Ant stood in position, a trap door above him opened and a star fell in a waterfall of green slime. 

Tables turned: The show also saw the duo take part in one of the I’m a Celebrity’s infamous food challenges

Dec laughed manically, but Ant reminded him: ‘This will be so much better when I watch you do it.’ To which Dec replied: ‘Oh, I forgot about that.’

In the next trial, Dec’s head was placed in a see-through helmet that was filled with giant spiders. 

Ant then had to carry out the same trial – but with his own worst fear of snakes filling the helmet.  

The final trial was an eating trial, in which Ant had to eat a witchetty grub, blended vomit fruit and a fish eye. 

Tasty: Dec didn’t seem to find whatever he was eating particularly appetising, as he was seen grimacing after taking a mouthful

On the menu for Dec meanwhile was a fermented duck egg, blended cockroaches and a pig’s penis. 

Ant and Dec also shared snaps of the challenge on their Instagram page, commenting: ‘Well, we did it. 

‘We finally got talked into doing a #BushtuckerTrial… Don’t ask how but rest assured it was as hideous as we thought! 

‘Watch us make complete wallabies of ourselves, and take a look back at 19 series of #ImACeleb’.       

Scary: Dec also found himself in the unenviable position of being in a glass orb filled with terrifying giant spiders

Unpleasant: Ant was pictured with his head surrounded by snakes, while he attempted to unscrew a star in a glass box filled with creepy crawlies

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the upcoming series will be filmed at Gwrych Castle in Conwy, North Wales, instead of the usual location of the Austalian jungle. 

Despite Covid-19 and the UK going back into lockdown, it’s been confirmed the show is continuing as planned.  

Stars tipped to be joining Shane and Mo on the show include Victoria Derbyshire, Vernon Kay, Jessica Plummer and AJ Pritchard. 

Beverley Callard, Ruthie Henshall, Russell Watson and Hollie Arnold are also said to be joining the show.    

Most recently, Shane Richie and Sir Mo Farah are among the recruits said to have joined the cast of the show’s first UK-based series.

I’m A Celebrity…A Jungle Story will show on ITV on Sunday 08 November at 8.10pm.  

Contestants? Stars tipped to be joining on the show include Victoria Derbyshire, Vernon Kay (pictured left), Jessica Plummer, AJ Pritchard and Beverley Callard (right) 

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