Antonio Banderas says Puss in Boots role ‘destroyed’ his vocal cords

Antonio Banderas Goes Back to School

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Antonio Banderas, 62, claimed playing Puss in Boots in Shrek “destroyed” his vocal cords as the animated character is “very loud”. The actor explained how the issues first arose as he discussed his first time portraying the well-loved DreamWorks character.

He revealed: “In the Shrek movies, the initial idea was just to mock Zorro – to transport the character into a cat, and in this contrast, create a comedy.

“But now he’s become a character that is very famous and known all around the world. I didn’t expect that.”

Asked whether it is hard to get back into his character after so many years for the 2022 spin-off Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Antonio said: “No – even if there was a gap of several years, it’s just like riding a bicycle.

“The only problem that I had is a problem I actually had for the first movie.

“At the time I was on Broadway singing every night and had to do sessions for Puss in the morning. And because Puss is very loud, it just destroyed my vocal cords. And this time, the same thing happened! I was doing a musical here in Spain,” he added in the latest issue of Radio Times.

Last year, Antonio opened up about the life-changing hard attack he suffered in 2017, which led him to a “very dramatic” hospital dash.

Speaking about the ordeal last year, Antonio said he only survived because his wife had bought strong aspirin tablets the day before.

Despite his close brush with death, the actor opened up about the event years later and described the experience as positive, overall.

The Mask of Zorro actor told Forbes: “It’s one of the best things that’s happened in my life,

“It opened my eyes to understand myself better, to understand my role in life, and to just realise the things that are really important.

“There’s a bunch of stupidities that I considered important before that just disappeared, that just sunk. Something changed.”

The actor even suggested that the events would change his acting style in a previous interview.

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“You know, the food for an actor is life,” Antonio told Entertainment Tonight while at the Hollywood Awards in 2019. “Obviously, this event was very dramatic when it was happening. It opens my eyes in a different direction and establishes an order of priorities that was different than before.”

Coronary heart disease, which consists of heart attack and angina, is responsible for over 73,000 deaths every year in the UK, according to the British Heart Foundation.

If a heart attack ensues, every minute that goes by increases the damage done to the heart and the risk of death.

Luckily for Antonio, the strong aspirins his wife bought the day before allowed him to respond immediately.

“She bought this aspirin, which is the only thing that she found and she found the maximum one, I think it was five milligrams.

“The next morning, when I started having the symptoms and I clearly knew what was going on, she put one of those aspirins inside of my tongue and that saved my life. So I had a second chance, and some stuff changed in my life, since then.”

Aspirin is a blood-thinning medicine which stops further blood clots from falling.

You can read the full interview with Antonio Banderas in this week’s Radio Times, out now.

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