Bachelor Alum Demi Burnett SLAMS Reality Steve's 'Very Calculated' Apology Over Sex Dream Reveal!

Demi Burnett isn’t standing for any of this “public apology” bull s**t!

The former Bachelor star has been in the headlines recently after calling out popular Bachelor Nation blogger Steve Carbone, AKA “Reality Steve.” As we’ve been reporting, Reality Steve reportedly “made an unwanted and unprompted sexual advance” towards Demi last August. It was then that he reportedly told her about a “graphic sex dream” he’d had involving her.

And now, even after Steve’s public apology, Demi isn’t feeling very forgiving!

Speaking on Monday on the Talking It Out podcast, the former Bachelor contestant called Steve out again, and didn’t buy his assertion about not realizing about the power dynamics he held over contestants in his insider blogging role.

Demi called B.S. on Steve’s remorse and claims of ignorance, saying (below):

“I don’t need this, ‘I had no idea and I never thought about the fact that I had a power over these women and blah blah.’ That is B.S. You would have to be someone who has never, ever, ever even heard of the show before to think that. Someone who, you know, lives in Antarctica or something. Like, there’s no way you don’t see the power dynamic. For him to say he doesn’t see the power dynamic, I’m like, you’re not dumb, dude. You’re not dumb. You’re clearly very smart, very calculated. You know what you’re doing. So just own the fact that you were being a creep and you were being inappropriate and that’s it.”

Amen to that! There are clearly power dynamics at play when it comes to insiders and bloggers breaking stories that affect the run of TV shows. Good for Demi for calling it out! She also got mad about how quickly the blogger apparently changes his attitudes towards contestants in light of whether or not they’re nice to him!

Burnett explained:

“He has hated on me severely, called me the worst names, like annoying, she just does everything for herself, said the meanest things about me since, I guess, it’s been years now. And then the second that I gave him the time of day just to, like, have peace with him I guess, have a… friendly relationship, so maybe he would stop talking about me, he stopped saying nasty things. He stopped saying I was annoying, he stopped saying that I was super selfish, he stopped saying all these ugly, ugly things about me. And he said nothing. So, clearly, what I was doing worked. I was like, ‘I’m gonna get good with him, so he won’t talk bad about me, he won’t bash me, he won’t gossip about me.’ And it worked.”

To Demi, that very change in their relationship proves Steve must have known about the power dynamic and the tug-of-war that comes with getting insider info from these reality TV contestants. After all, like Demi noted on the podcast, Steve’s job allows for him to find out “dirt on us” and potentially “ruin our lives.” And she makes a good case, doesn’t she?!

Ultimately, Demi just wanted an authentic, honest reaction to the entire controversy. She lamented (below):

“I am so nice that people mistake it for more than just being nice and friendliness. But I would have a lot more respect for him if he were to just say, ‘You know what? I was being creepy. I thought she was hot. I made an advance I shouldn’t have made. I shouldn’t have done it. I just did it because she was hot. But yeah I get it, it was weird.’ Instead of this whole, ‘I didn’t know I had any power over these people.’”

And she added how, regrettably, she’s not alone in all this:

“ was weird but I’m kind of used to it. Most women in America are used to this. It was very uncomfortable, so whenever I’m on the phone with him and he’s telling me this stuff, I’m just like, ‘Haha, oh my god, that’s so crazy, so funny, whatever.’ And then I’m like, ‘This man has been bashing me on the internet for so long.’”

Yeah… Can’t be a very good feeling, that’s for sure. What do U make of Demi’s reaction here, Perezcious readers? Is she right on point with her criticism of Reality Steve? Sound OFF about everything down in the comments (below)…

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