'Below Deck' Star Captain Sandy Says No Reason to Fear Cruises

Captain Sandy says people shouldn’t be afraid of taking cruises or chartering yachts in the age of COVID-19 … because she thinks a trip to the grocery store is just as risky.

The “Below Deck” sea captain tells TMZ … life isn’t worth living in fear, so if you’ve got no problems making essential trips to the supermarket you shouldn’t be worried about getting back onboard a cruise ship or yacht.

Sandy says people should be smart about their next cruise and take the proper precautions to guard against COVID-19 … but she says the fear of being infected shouldn’t keep us stranded on land.

The way Sandy sees it … cruises and yachts are following the same protocols as other businesses in the fight against the deadly and contagious virus, so there’s no need to cower in fear and avoid an ocean vacay.

She might have her head just a bit in the sand — the reality is some of the biggest cruise lines in the world are worried about weathering the COVID-19 storm. Yes, they’re taking new precautions, but it remains to be seen if travelers feel safe enough to return.

Sandy also thinks it’s full steam ahead for the next season of “Below Deck” … she thinks they’ll be able to shoot like normal in September and October — but that’s only because she’s extremely optimistic about one key thing.

A bit too optimistic … at least according to peeps like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

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