Beth Chapman met husband Dog the Bounty Hunter by shoplifting lemons

In the week that Beth Chapman sadly passed away, an interview she gave on Dog the Bounty Hunter has emerged, detailing the first time she met Duane.

The late reality star died on Wednesday, aged 51, after losing her battle with throat cancer and an interview has since emerged in which she describes the moment she first met Duane 'Dog' Chapman.

An incident in a Colorado grocery store had seen her accidentally steal some lemons and wind up in jail, only for Dog the Bounty Hunter to pay a visit.

Beth recalled the moment in an interview for the TV show that propelled Dog and Beth into the hearts of millions.

She said: "I was working for a state senator in Colorado and I had gone to the grocery store to buy some lemons.

"The senator started paging me, and it’s kind of like the bat line — you know when the senator calls, you get on the phone immediately."

Beth continued to reveal what happened next: "So I was waiting in the line, waiting in the line and there’s like five people in front of me, so I just walked around the line, went to the pay phone, was going to use the pay phone. I had the lemons in my hands."

Beth was busted for her misdemeanour: "The store security kind of swarmed me and go, ‘You’re shoplifting the lemons.’

"I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ right? ‘I’m not shoplifting the lemons.’ Now I’m a criminal, right? So I go to jail, I call this big dog lawyer … in Denver, Colorado, who happened to be a friend of Dog’s and he said, ‘You call up my friend, Dog.’ And I go, ‘Dog?’"

After posting bond, Beth starts to get hassle to ensure the paperwork is all present and correct, otherwise he would haul her back to prison.

Beth continued: "I finally get the bond, I finally get out of jail and this guy starts calling me. He’s like, ‘You better get in here to do your paperwork’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, well, you took your sweet ‘ole time, I’ll take mine.'”

Beth revealed that it could have got a bit sticky for her , continuing: “So then he calls my daddy up and he tells my daddy, ‘if she don’t get down here, I’m going to go find her and drag her back to jail.’

Despite this setback, it didn't turn as sour as the lemons for Beth as she came face-to-face with her future husband.

She continued: "So of course I go sauntering in there and I’m waiting and then all of a sudden, this blonde bombshell comes walking out from this back room dressed in black all studded out with this long, wavy, blonde hair with this thing [gesturing to his forehead]"

Beth had an immediate reaction: “I thought, oh yes, he will be mine. Let the stalking begin now."

It was then that a career change was required and Beth became a bail bondswoman, so that she could get to know Dog.

Beth continued: "But I knew on that day that the only way that I was going to win that man’s heart is if I could somehow figure out how to spend time with him so he could get to know me.

"So I immediately went down and took the bail bonds test and became a bail bondsman because I knew that if I wrote a whole bunch of bad bail that the bounty hunter would have to come sit in my office so that he could go and chase my fugitives."

It was an unusual way of getting her future husband but it seemed to be a faultless plan.

Beth finished by saying: "So I proceeded to write the worst bail that there was. ‘No collateral, no co-signer? Sure, come on down.’ ‘You don’t have any money? Great, come on down. You have a pulse, right?’

"So I wrote all the bad bail I could write so that I would spend all this time with him and it worked."

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