Billie Eilish Is Choosing Advice From Her Mom Over Guidance From Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande: 'My Mom Still Beats Them All'

Billie Eilish rose to fame quickly and at a young age. In order to document her life through the years, Vanity Fair decided to interview her every year since 2017. The time-capsule videos show Eilish’s changing views, preferences, and ideologies as her music has pushed her to greater heights. So much has changed for her since her first album.

In 2017, Eilish was buzzing but under the radar, with one EP’s worth of music out. Now she sells out arenas worldwide. She’s also the youngest artist to have written and recorded a theme song for a James Bond movie. With so much fame comes notable friends who are in her corner, but the main voices in her life have been beside her the whole time. 

Billie Eilish’s Vanity Fair time capsule shows how her perspective has changed with time

Eilish got her strong backbone from her parents and brother. She still talks to them almost every day, and they remain active participants in her career. Finneas O’Connell’s role as her producer and an artist in his own right is well-documented by now. But they were also raised by people with experience in the entertainment industry.

Their mother, Maggie Baird, acted for over 30 years in projects like The X-Files and Bones; she also voice-acted for several video games and put out an album in 2009. Their dad, Patrick O’Connell, was an actor and contributed to the scores of The West Wing and Iron Man. Althought they haven’t reached their daughter’s level of fame, they can still connect to Eilish in a way few can. 

In last year’s video, Eilish thanked artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga for giving her advice on how to adjust to her new lifestyle. Now, perhaps as a consequence of the pandemic, Eilish has honed in on the relationships that she holds dearest. When asked about who she goes to for advice, Eilish explained:

“I guess I turn to my mom, honestly, the most in this period. No matter — all the people — who have similar things that I’ve been through or have similar lifestyles or have advice to give, I feel like my mom still beats them all. Even though she’s new to this just as I am, meaning fame and this kind of world. But, my mom has a very good way of looking at the world and she’s the main person I go to, like, almost the only person.”

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