Bills Fans Throw Guy Onto Table Set on Fire Ahead of Miami Game

Bills fans were at it again this weekend as their team got set to face the Miami Dolphins — busting out the foldable tables for body slams … only this time, making it combustible.

Check out this crazy video showing a rowdy bunch from the so-called ‘Mafia’ raging in the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium ahead of kickoff … and carrying on their tailgate tradition of throwing themselves (or each other) into Lifetimes — cracking it in the middle.

They were doing the same here … except, it was one dude being hoisted up by a couple others, who then tossed him onto a table that was on fire. Looks like a lighter fluid job.

Sure enough, he hits it — but the table doesn’t really snap like it’s supposed to … and even freakier, the guy seems to get caught in the flames for a quick minute. Luckily, he’s able to jump out in time before catching on fire himself and runs to safety. Probably a little toasty, we’re sure.

As dangerous as the table stunt already is, this takes it to a whole other level — and it goes without saying … don’t try this at home, kids.

And, to the Mafia … be careful!

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