‘Bling Empire’ Star Kane Lim ‘Disappointed’ After Being Accused of Spreading ‘Asian Hate’

The Singaporean real estate developer gets called out publicly by Yamashiro’s executive chef Vallerie Castillo Archer after he openly called the restaurant ‘disgusting.’

AceShowbizKane Lim has responded to allegations that he spread “Asian hate.” In response to the accusations, the “Bling Empire” star claimed that he was “disappointed” at how Yamashiro’s head chef Vallerie Castillo Archer took his comments about the restaurant.

“It’s unfortunate this has escalated to this level. I get how it has been interpreted and am disappointed it’s been crafted into an Asian-hate thing,” the Singaporean real estate developer told TMZ. He also pointed out that Vallerie got his remarks wrong and was making “a mountain out of a mole hill.”

According to the publication, Kane admitted that his opinion was simply based on his own eating experience at Yamashiro from a few years back. The 31-year-old star added further that his words were not aimed at her, her work or her staff directly. He claimed that he just didn’t “dig” the food there.

Kane also clarified to TMZ that he does not hate his own race. And for Vallerie, the Netflix star claimed that he’s more than willing to make amends and give Yamashiro another shot. In addition, he informed the outlet that he and the executive chef are planning a meeting to sort things out in the near future.

His statement came after chef Vallerie called him out publicly following his negative remark towards the L.A. celeb hot spot Yamashiro. On Friday, June 11, the reality show star was filmed on his friend’s Instagram Story in which they called the restaurant “disgusting” while hyping up another sushi restaurant, Tadaima.

A few days after the video spread, Vallerie took to her personal Instagram account to clap back at Kane and his buddies, accusing them of helping spread hate against their own race. “We say we are ambassadors for our people. We are advocates, we support AAPI, we donate to charity that stops hate, but what about that night, did we decide to take a day off?” she wrote in her lengthy note. “How can we promote Stop Asian Hate when we are the ones publicly hating on Asians?”

Elsewhere in her post, Vallerie also stressed that she found the video “painful.” The executive chef penned, “You can hear the word ‘disgusting’ being used to describe Yamashiro as you see people laugh, but not just people, but people I have met, embraced, called a friend, people whom I have hosted and welcomed to Yamashiro.” She added, “I don’t know what was more painful, to watch the video or finding out your friend reposted it.”

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