Boris Johnson broke Scotland’s lockdown rules, he’s worried about Scexit

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Days ago, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon indicated her openness to another Scottish Independence referendum this year, but only if her party does well in the May elections. The British papers have been full of dire warnings and bitchy stories about Sturgeon, which is how you know her threat has teeth. As many have pointed out, Sturgeon took the pandemic seriously and was early to adopt widespread measures to curb infection rates. While her actions weren’t perfect – no country has been perfect – she did more than Boris Johnson did, and she made smarter choices overall. Plus, there’s the issue of Brexit and how Scotland doesn’t actually want to leave the EU. So here we are, with Boris Johnson spending the day in Scotland and trying to tamp down Scottish independence fervor. The problem is that Scottish people keep calling the police to say that BoJo is breaking Scottish lockdown. LOL.

Boris Johnson got the all-clear to visit Scotland today from police after independence-supporting nationalists tried to report the Prime Minister for breaching lockdown rules. Police Scotland said it had received several complaints after the Prime Minister flew from London in an RAF jet to Glasgow in defiance of Nicola Sturgeon’s warning to stay away. But it said that Mr Johnson’s trip was a ‘working visit in his official capacity as Prime Minister’ of the United Kingdom, and officers were ‘policing the event appropriately’.

Mr Johnson is extolling the virtues of the union amid alarm that the separatist case has been gaining traction, with polls showing Ms Sturgeon is seen as having handled the pandemic much better. He was shown around the ‘Lighthouse’ hub for PCR samples at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital this morning and later met British Army soldiers setting up a vaccination centre in Castlemilk.

The SNP decried the trip as that of ‘a Prime Minister in panic’, but Number 10 defended the visit, with a spokesman saying such trips were a ‘fundamental part’ of his job. The PM insisted the UK’s response to the pandemic – including the huge vaccine rollout – showed the value of the union as he travelled north of the border despite the First Minister swiping that it is not an ‘essential’ trip.

As the government hammers home the case for staying together, it has been announced that a vaccine plant is getting up and running in Scotland that could supply the UK with 60million doses by the end of the year. A series of surveys have put backing for breaking up the UK at up to 57 per cent – with the nationalists demanding a fresh referendum as early as this year and threatening to hold a ‘wildcat’ vote if Mr Johnson does not give permission.

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Surely if the government is that worried about Scottish independence, they could just task Prince William and Kate with another super-spreader tour and allow them to wander around maskless again? LMAO. The exact same thing happened when the Keens went to Scotland last month, there were Scots “informing” on them for breaking lockdown. It’s been downhill ever since! Anyway, is it completely wrong of me to root for Scottish independence? I feel like BoJo and the British press wouldn’t be this panicked about it unless it was actually a good idea which would benefit Scotland.

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