Bradley Cooper And Irina Shaky Are DONE Done After Four Years Together

I don’t know if this was one of those Brangelina-type situations where when they broke up people are gonna like “care” or something, as though they know either of these people personally, but just in case there are some die-hard Bradley Cooper x Irina Shayk fans in your office this Friday, try and be gentle with them. People is reporting that the news, which has been days (or months or even YEARS for those of us who remember Wimbledon) coming, has finally dropped like a guillotine on what was the relationship of Bradley and Irina. There was no official comment yet but expect them to soon ask for privacy at this difficult time.

The rumors started back in October that 44-year-old Bradley and 33-year-old Irina were not happy. Then earlier this week Page Six basically told us this was going to happen; saying that Irina and Bradley had been ready to quit each other in October but they stuck it out for their child …Of course I’m talking about Bradley’s precious child A Star Is Born–they couldn’t break up during the promotion of that! I mean come on! When their two-year-old daughter Lea De Seine grew up she would be like, “Mom and Dad you really broke up during Oscar promo? Are you dumb?”

An insider is telling People that the couple have officially ended the relationship and are amicably working out how to share custody of Lea. But “amicably” and “ended” often get used in the same sentence when that sentence is a lie.

Sources have previously told people that Bradley and Irina didn’t want to get married because they were focused on raising their child saying:

“They’re focused on their daughter, and they seem happy together.”

Of course, sources are saying that B. Coop and Irina’s split has nothing to do with Gaga, and that B. Coop and Gaga were never a real-life couple, they just had the ability to burn faces off with their scalding hot chemistry! But please, Gaga is single and now B. Coop is single, so expect the tabloids and media to announce that they had a secret wedding and are expecting a secret baby. A 3-disc deluxe A Star Is Born set must be coming out soon.


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