Breaking Down All the Twists and Turns of that Wild Clickbait<\/em> Ending

The following story contains spoilers.

Netflix’s new hit miniseries Clickbait is all about expecting the unexpected. Through eight episodes, viewers watch the Brewer family scramble to discover the location of Nick Brewer, who has been captured and filmed in viral videos prophesying his death. In the wake of his disappearance, secrets about the family and Nick come to light.

Despite the short run of Clickbait, it manages to pack a shocking amount of twists and turns into its plot. There’s affairs, doxxing, catfish and everything else that make a murder mystery mixed with social media that much more interesting.

By the end of Clickbait, the Brewer family manages to find closure, but there’s still enough left over between characters. If Netflix wanted to make a second season (please?), the show has ample content to pick through, even though Nick’s case is truly closed.

You may have binged through the entire series and still had questions about the show. There was a lot to unpack after that finale. Are Roshan and Pia going to get together? Do Kai and Ethan have their own secrets to uncover? We’ll have to wait and see if the Netflix powers that be think the show is worth reviving. Until then, we can only make sense of the ending, tell all our friends to also watch, and hope the Clickbait fanbase is as dedicated as say, the Manifest fans. Anything is possible.

Scroll down to see what happened at the end of Clickbait.

What Happened at the end of Clickbait?

Poor, poor Kai. At the end of the series, Nick and Sophie’s younger son discovers the location of Nick’s colleague Dawn and her husband Ed. It turns out when Nick started his job, he asked Dawn for help setting up his computer. Instead of respecting his privacy, like any other coworker would do, Dawn snoops and discovers an old dating profile Nick never used, along with all his password information.

When Ed discovers it, he’s disgusted. Still, Dawn continues, pressuring one of “Nick’s” matches Sarah to take her own life. Once Nick was released by Simon, he confronted Dawn, only to be killed by Ed.

In the present day, Kai meets Dawn and Ed, who say they’ll take him home (which is clearly a lie). Sophie and Pia find their house empty at the same time. Dawn and Ed throw Kai’s phone out the car and take him to a ranch, where they attempt to keep him in a trailer. He escapes, and hides out in a nearby stable.

The police arrive and begin to close in on Dawn and Ed. They manage to arrest Dawn, but Ed catches Kai and holds him hostage. Dawn then convinces Ed to let Kai ago, but refuses to be arrested, so the police shoot him.

Afterwards, Sophie puts pictures of Nick back up in the house, Roshan reveals Tara will press charges against Matt, and Sophie and Pia console each other at the funeral they’re finally able to hold for an exonerated Nick.

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