Brian McFadden shares regrets over missing daughters’ lives amid Kerry Katona rows

Brian McFadden has spoken of his regret on missing out on a lot with his two eldest daughters amid rows with their mum Kerry Katona.

The 42 year old met the former Atomic Kitten singer back in 1999 before the pair tied the knot in 2002 and they share daughters Molly Marie, 20, and Lilly-Sue, 19.

When the couple split two years into their marriage, their relationship went sour and remained that way up until recently, Brian confessed in a new interview as he discussed how their “fighting” and his busy Westlife schedule affected the time he had with his daughters.

“I was only a kid myself when I had Molly and Lilly, and I was at the height of my career in Westlife then – we were literally working 365 days a year, and there was no FaceTime so I couldn't speak to the kids,” the band-member told Closer magazine.

"I could only see them when I came home. So it was a lot harder and I missed out on a lot of the stuff that I would have loved to have seen with the girls."

Brian said he found that co-parenting became easier once his eldest two girls grew older.

"It's very easy to co-parent now out children aren't kids anymore. It was obviously a lot more difficult when they were growing up,” he continued.

"Kerry and I didn't have a very good relationship from the day we broke up until now, really, but it's been a long time.

"We were only kids when we got together and when we broke up, but we have enough life experience now that we get on with it and there are no problems. There's no fighting anymore."

Brian became a dad for the third time in May of last year when he and wife Danielle Parkinson, whom he met in 2016, welcomed their first child together — another daughter for the singer — called Ruby Jean.

Former partner Kerry went on to three other children following her relationship with Brian and is said to hope for more with her current fiancé Ryan Mahoney.

Over two decades on from being together, Brian said that he now has “a great relationship” with Kerry and her family as he added: “I've got a great relationship with Kerry's other kids, they're Molly and Lilly's siblings so they're part of my family too.

"Kerry has managed to make it work very, very well and the same to Ryan, he's been a brilliant father to her two children especially."

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