Bus Driver Blames Bad Donut For Reckless Driving After DUI Arrest!

Blame it on the d-d-d-d-d-donut?

That’s the excuse a school bus driver came up with after she allegedly drove the vehicle so erratically, it almost “flipped over”!

Police in Houston, Texas received a call on May 31 reporting a bus full of children that was swerving across lanes in after-school traffic and making sharp turns. One witness said the vehicle veered onto the left shoulder of a road, hit a divider wall, and then drifted back onto the road.

Authorities eventually tracked down the vehicle and pulled it over after they noticed it had “almost flipped over on the roadway” due to the reckless driving. According to a Facebook post from Constable Mark Herman, the driver, Linda Sue Godejohn (pictured above), was displaying “several signs of intoxication” when police detained her.

A field sobriety test was then conducted on the 55-year-old, which she “flunked miserably,” Herman later told KPRC-TV. He explained to the local news station:

“We ended up getting the bus driver out of the bus, giving her a field sobriety test, which she flunked miserably, and she was immediately placed into custody.”

Godejohn was arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail, where she was slapped with a charge of driving under the influence with children in the vehicle. Her bail was set at $100; yet despite being charged with a DUI, the driver swears she wasn’t drunk at the time.

Apparently, she’s blaming the reckless driving on a bad donut she had eaten earlier that day!

After her release from custody last Friday, Godejohn told reporters outside the jail:

“I don’t drink. I have not drank in years… I got something from the school to eat and it had made me sick. My stomach was just hurting so bad that my wheel fell off the curb, that’s all it was and you know, going 45 miles an hour, it is going to flip back.”

Well… we haven’t heard that one before!

As for why she failed the sobriety test, Godejohn said:

“Because it’s hard. I mean, I couldn’t even do it right now.”

Mmmkay, gurl.

Godejohn reportedly told officers she wasn’t feeling well at the time of her arrest, but refused to go to the hospital.

Prosecutors, meanwhile, can’t confirm what caused the reckless driving until her blood tests get back — but they’re pretty sure it wasn’t because of a bad donut.

Harris Court official Sean Teare told KPRC2 Houston:

“Until we get the bloods back we are not going to know what the actual cause of her impairment was, but rest assured it was not a doughnut.”

Sounds like officials will get to the bottom of this soon enough. Thankfully, there were no injuries from this incident… except for the sullied reputation of donuts.

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