Car-Shaped Boat Cruises the Waters of Egypt

God help the poor soul high on weed who sees this thing cruising the waters.

Check out the powerboat designed to look like a sports car … and guess what? There’s a plan to make it amphibious.

A dude name Karim Amin and 2 of his buddies were tooling around the ocean in Alexandria, Egypt in cars that were, well, sort of James Bond-y.

The “boats” can hit speeds of up to 40 MPH. They even have Bluetooth and a GPS. They say it rides more like a jet ski than a traditional boat. There are only 12 of its kind, but it seems there are plans to expand. They’re working on a 2.0 which would function on land and on the sea.

As for the price … they start at $19,000 (no power windows) and go up to $44k.

Pretty awesome, and fun.

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