Chase Hudson Celebrates New Single Release at Dinner With Charli D’Amelio

Chase Hudson and Charli D’Amelio are seen leaving dinner on Thursday night (February 18) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The friendly exes went out to hotspot BOA Steakhouse to celebrate the release of his second single.

Earlier in the day, Chase, aka LILHUDDY, dropped his new song “The Eulogy of You and Me,” along with the music video. Check it out here if you haven’t already!

“when i thought about the video for “The Eulogy of You and Me,” i imagined a wedding-funeral that signaled the death of a relationship. i envisioned us falling into a rabbit hole like alice in wonderland, filled with the memories of the relationship that was now buried in the ground 🪦🖤,” he shared on Instagram. “did you guys catch that the video is connected to 21st Century Vampire ?! 🦇”

If you missed it, Charli also has a couple of reasons to celebrate – she landed on two big lists this week, Teen Vogue’s Young Hollywood 2021 list and the Time 100 Next list!

For the Time 100 list, a superstar entertainer wrote a super sweet feature praising Charli.

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