Chloe Madeley hits out at ‘disgusting’ follower in furious row

Chloe Madeley, 35, publicly responded to the criticism she received from a social media user over an Instagram post she shared on Sunday. In the picture, Chloe’s six-month-old daughter, Bodhi, could be seen sitting on husband James Haskell’s lap in the back of a car.

After sharing the snap, Chloe was questioned about safety concerns and branded irresponsible.

Instagram user Powellmanning said: “Why isn’t your child in a car seat?! How irresponsible.”

Chloe soon replied: “Because it’s a taxi, look it up.”

Powellmanning responded: “Taxi or not – shame on you.”

Chloe then hit back: “Understanding the law is not your forte. Do you think you’re more informed than the law?

“How dare you insinuate that because we’re in a 10 minute taxi ride where legally our child under the age of 3 sits on our lap, that I’m a bad mother.

Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan’s daughter concluded: “You are the worst of us women. Go away. Get a grip. Get a life.”

Chloe later shared a follow-up story, lashing out at mum-shamers who “disgusted” her.

She penned: “Women who’ve never met me or my baby thinking they care more about her than I do never fails to shock and disgust me.

“Rest assured I don’t make a safety conscious decision without first researching it (and getting multiple second opinions from friends and family).

“Keep your side of the street clean and don’t worry about mine.”

Chloe recently cut her maternity leave short, returning to work after just eight weeks over economic concerns.

The personal trainer and the former rugby union player welcomed their first child together, Bodhi, six months ago.

Chloe admitted money was the catalyst for her swift return, despite her spouse bringing in a “great income”.

She said her pride was to blame for her prompt return to her daily routine after becoming a mum.

Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, the fitness fan revealed next time will be different.

She commented: “James obviously makes a great income and he’s my partner and that’s fantastic, but we don’t have a joint account

“We’ve always had separate accounts and I think that’s a bit of a pride thing with me.”

The star continued: “Next time, if I get pregnant again, I’m absolutely not doing it.

“I will swallow my pride, I will jump in on James’ account and take at least six months.”

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