Chris Evans fears ‘complaints’ about his Virgin Radio show after Graham Norton’s success

Chris Evans jokes about his Virgin Radio show getting complaints

Chris Evans, 54, has been a presenter on Virgin Radio since he returned to the digital station in 2020, after leaving his BBC Radio 2 post in late 2019. His weekday show became the most listened to digital radio show in 2020, with RAJAR’s (Radio Joint Audience Research) announcing his weekly audience increased to 1.114million listeners. But he worried that he might be getting “complaints” after Graham Norton joined the Virgin Radio family earlier this month.

Do we get complaints

Chris Evans

After messing around with a ukulele on-air with his co-stars Vassos Alexander and Rachel Horne, Chris sat back and wondered whether listeners were getting fed up.

“Do we get complaints?” he asked the pair.

“I know we get other complaints, but do we get complaints about the ukulele?”

There was a slight pause before he mimicked what listeners might be thinking: “‘No the ukulele is the least of your worries Evans!'” Chris laughed.

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“‘In fact, you keep playing your ukulele, you’ll be breathing down the neck of Graham Norton at the weekend!'”

Like Chris, Graham also left his BBC Radio 2 position earlier this year, taking the reins of his very own desk at the digital station.

Taking over Saturdays and Sundays from 9:30am, Chris revealed his pal’s figures are “through the roof” following his first couple of weekends on the job.

“Graham Norton’s figures are through the roof,” Chris told Vassos and Rachel.

“Are they? Oh God,” Vassos chuckled.

“What I meant was well done, I am pleased!” Chris quickly backtracked incase his jokes came across as jealous.

“I am very pleased for him!”

Ahead of his first show, Graham appeared on Chris’ breakfast programme and admitted he was really excited to have control over this own desk.

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Graham said: “We did a little dummy run the other night and it’s fun – I really liked it.

“Here’s my confession – at Radio 2 I was never allowed to touch a button, I was just gloves on, and I’d sit there and talk. So everything happened around me.”

He added: “But here, I’m pushing some buttons and it’s pathetic how excited that makes me.

“It’s like that thing when you’ve learned to drive, you’ve passed your test and then you’re on the motorway and you’re like ‘this isn’t illegal…but it should be!’”

Chris pointed out that at Virgin Radio, Graham will be doubling his weekend workload with a new Sunday show as well.

He said: “As a listener, I am genuinely looking forward to having you on my radio and in my life on Saturdays and particularly on Sundays!”

The BBC star agreed, replying: “Even I keep forgetting about the Sunday show. I hope I show up. I was in the supermarket yesterday looking at avocados thinking ‘ooh, that’d be nice on Sunday morning… oh, no!'”

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6:30am one Virgin Radio.

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