Corrie’s Simon Barlow actor Alex Bain, 20, engaged: ‘I can’t spend my life with anyone else’

Coronation Street star Alex Bain can’t stop smiling at his breathtakingly beautiful fiancée, Mollie Lockwood, as they prepare for their exclusive OK! engagement shoot.

“Oh, wow! There’s a living goddess in this room right now,” he gushes as she steps out of the dressing room in her stunning glitter tulle gown.

Alex – who plays Corrie chaos-causer Simon Barlow – then takes Mollie’s hand and gently guides her through the plush Manchester cocktail bar towards our camera crew.

“I’m so nervous!” performing arts student Mollie, 19, admits before Alex, 20, gives her a peck on the cheek. “Don’t be, you’ll be amazing,” he reassures her.

The baby-faced lovebirds – who got engaged last October – managed to keep their exciting news under wraps right up until Christmas Day, when they made the announcement to their families.

“We wanted to enjoy that special time together, just the two of us, for a while,” says Mollie, who claims she had no idea her boyfriend was a huge soap star during their first few weeks of dating.

“My family absolutely love Mollie to pieces,” says Alex, who has a four-year-old daughter. “My mum and dad could just see how happy I was when I was around her.”

Now the couple are ready to share their news publicly and as ourphoto shoot wraps up, the loved-up couple settle down for a chat with OK!, discussing everything from Nandos dates to moving in, starting a family and their plans for their big day…

Congratulations, guys! Alex, how did you pop the question?

Alex: We’d been on a romantic night out in Chester for our two-year anniversary, on October 4 last year. We had a lovely meal, then went back to our hotel, took a couple of bottles of bubbly up to our room and watched the sunset from the balcony.

That’s when I just asked her. I thought, ‘If I don’t do it now, I’ll keep getting more and more nervous!’ I was pretty certain she’d say yes, but I was still bricking it!

Were you expecting Alex’s proposal, Mollie?

Mollie: I did have a tiny inkling on the night that it could happen – just because it was such a special day in such a romantic place! And we’d spoken before about getting married and spending our lives together.

Alex – why did you feel it was the right time to ask?

Alex: I’m a big believer in making that move as soon as you know it’s the right person, and I’ve known that Mollie is my person pretty much since the day we met. She’s got my heart and soul already, so why not seal the deal? I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.

So romantic! Tell us about the ring…

Mollie: We didn’t actually have a ring when Alex proposed, so we went out together to choose one before telling anyone.

Alex: I wanted Mollie to have a really special ring, something customised so that only she had that exact one. It’s a custom-made silver with a 0.5 diamond in the middle and several smaller ones on either side.

The clarity is VS2 and the colour is F. Once she’d chosen that, we told our parents on Christmas Day.

How did the two of you first meet?

Mollie: We met in October 2019 when I was auditioning for a performing arts college in the North West. He was in the year above me, but I’d seen him in a ballet class. Later that same day, we got the chance to do a scene together during an acting class.

Alex: We did a duologue together and I honestly couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I went to her dressing room a couple of times after that, with the plan of asking her out, but I kept getting too nervous and running away! Eventually, I plucked up the courage and thank God she agreed to go out with me.

Did you know who Alex was beforehand, Mollie? Had you seen him on Corrie?

Mollie: No, I had no idea! My family never watched , so I had no clue who he was at all. He didn’t even tell me he was part of the main cast until around a week into us dating.

Alex: She thought I was an extra! It was a big thing for me that Mollie liked me for who I am, and not for the fame, so I was really glad she didn’t know.

It made our relationship really genuine from the get-go. It’s been hard in the past to trust that people don’t have an agenda when they get to know me.

What was your first date like?

Mollie: I took him to Nandos – and I paid! It was lovely. I think I took a bit longer to relax around Alex than he did, so it took a couple of dates for me to realise just how well we click.

Alex: I knew straight away after that date that you were the one for me. There was something telling me, “This is it”.

So, it was love at first sight for you, Alex?

Alex: Definitely. She was already my ideal type because, well, look at her! But she also came across as really hardworking and ambitious.

She’s got a heart of gold and a gorgeous soul. I told my best friend that I liked her before asking her out, and he was like, “You’ve got no chance!”. But look at us now, almost three years later.

And Mollie, when did you realise Alex was the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

Mollie: Lockdown happened really early on in our relationship, so it meant we were always having to spend really long periods of time apart. I was in Wales, he was in England, so the rules were constantly changing. Once that was over, I couldn’t imagine being apart from him again. That’s when I knew.

What does a traditional date night look like three years later?

Mollie: We love going out for good food and some fancy drinks!

Alex: Our thing, when we’re on a night out, is sampling Pornstar Martinis. It’s a strange hobby we have, but we order one everywhere we go and rate it.

Mollie: We’re also just happy staying in, getting under the blanket on the sofa and watching a movie or playing Xbox together. We’re both such busy people that when we can spend time with one another, we just like to relax. I love that we can just be ourselves around each other.

Alex: Yeah, we don’t have to be out partying and spending money to have fun. We can just play games and be weird at home together.

What makes this relationship different from others you’ve both had before?

Alex: I think the fact that we’re on the same career path – performing – means we understand each other’s commitments.

Mollie is never annoyed at me if I don’t have time to talk, and I’m the same with her if she’s busy with dance training. We both just get the demands of the industry and we’re aware of the sacrifices that we sometimes have to make in our careers.

Mollie, what’s it like dating someone from a big TV show?

Mollie: At first, it was really strange. There were a few incidents of people following us around Manchester.

We had to hide from people with cameras. But generally, people are polite. If they want a photo with Alex, they ask. There hasn’t been anything too crazy just yet.

So, what do your families and friends think of the two of you getting engaged at such a young age?

Mollie: My parents are so happy for us. They’re really glad that I’m with Alex. And they couldn’t really say anything about us being too young, because my mum got engaged to my dad when she was only 17. So I’m already older than she was!

Alex: My parents married really young, too! They’ve always said to me that it seems like I’ve finally found someone I have a real connection with. My mum, especially, claims she knew Mollie was for me when she first met her.

Will you be moving in together before you get married?

Alex: Yes, definitely. We’re currently in the process of finding somewhere to live. We’re thinking of a little house with a back garden in Chester, as it’s close to where Mollie is from and we know the area really well. Ideally, we’ll be in our own place by summer next year.

Could the two of you envisage starting a family together?

Alex: I’d love that. Mollie would be an incredible mum.

Mollie: I’m sure we’ll have children in the future. Not quite yet, though – we’ve got to both finish our performance training and we’ll get married first.

Alex: Oh yeah, definitely but we’d 100% like to get married first.

So, how are the wedding preparations going?

Mollie: We’re quite calm at the moment because it’s still very early days. We’re currently debating whether to get married in the UK or abroad.

Alex: You’re pretty set on having the wedding in the UK, aren’t you? Because then we can invite a lot more people and we won’t have the stress of having to fly people out.

But I’d quite like a wedding abroad. It’s about the weather for me. I’d consider rearranging my wedding on the day of if it rains!

Mollie: We don’t have a proper date set yet, but we’re thinking in the next couple of years. It depends how our careers go in the meantime. I want to finish my dance training first.

Have you chosen your best man yet, Alex? Is it anyone we might know?

Alex: Ooh, I’ve got a couple of options I’m considering, but I haven’t formally asked anyone yet. There may or may not be a star or two in the running, but I can’t confirm anything just yet.

There are a lot of close friends in my life that helped me during some of my darkest times when I was really struggling, so it will be really difficult to decide on just one person.

Have you decided on the style of dress you’ll go for, Mollie?

Mollie: I’m torn between a simple mermaid-style dress, because I think they’re so gorgeous, or going all out with a full-blown ball gown. I’ve ruled out anything with long sleeves as I’m not a fan of them. If we do get married abroad, I don’t want to be too hot.

What are you most looking forward to about your big day?

Mollie: I can’t wait for the first dance!

Alex: Obviously, we’re both dancers, so we can’t wait to put on a really incredible show. That’s maybe the only thing I’m not nervous about! There’s going to be 10/10 choreography.

Is there anything else you’re worried about?

Alex: I just know I’m going to be a blubbering mess when it comes to the speech. I’m such a softie, so I know all the emotions of the day are going to hit me in one go.

I get choked up just thinking about all the memories we’ve made. I’m hoping once I’ve got a couple of champagnes down me, I’ll feel slightly better.

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Would you like many of your co-stars to join you on the day?

Alex: Of course, we’re like a proper family! I definitely want my on-screen mum and dad Jane Danson [Leanne Battersby], Chris Gascoyne [Peter Barlow], and some of the younger members of the cast there.

I love Jack James Ryan [Jacob Hay], Elle Mulvaney [Amy Barlow] and Millie Gibson [Kelly Neelan] because we’re all roughly the same age so we support each other. And of course Bill [Roache, aka Ken Barlow]. He’s an absolute legend so it’d be amazing to have him there.

You’ve been on Coronation Street for 14 years. What’s it been like growing up on such a massive show?

Alex: It’s been an incredible journey. Having had all these years to work on Simon and develop his character, to really hone my craft – I’m just so lucky. I’ve worked with so many insanely talented people and I’m so grateful.

Do you plan to branch out into other roles?

Alex: I’d love to explore more serious drama, like a psychological series, or a period drama.

My dream role would have been in Peaky Blinders, but unfortunately that’s over now.

I think I’ve still got more than a few years left in me to play Simon, though. I won’t be saying my goodbyes to Weatherfield just yet.


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