Did the Duchess of Sussex change her engagement ring’s setting?

Since the Daily Mail and other sites are newly obsessed with the Duchess of Sussex’s jewelry, they decided to write a story about how it appears that Meghan redesigned her engagement ring. Prince Harry famously used diamonds from one of his mother’s jewelry pieces and had Meghan’s engagement ring specially designed. It was a three-stone design, one big diamond with two smaller diamonds on either side, all of it set in yellow gold. It was a lovely design and a lovely message, and I like that Harry repurposed something from his mother’s collection for Meghan, rather than giving her some unaltered piece of his mom’s jewelry for the engagement. That being said, it looks like Meghan asked for the ring to be reset with a different kind of band.

— Daily Mail U.K. (@DailyMailUK) June 24, 2019

Eagle-eyed jewelry experts say – and I agree – that she traded in the yellow gold setting/band for a smaller, more delicate pave diamond band and a subtly altered setting. This new design suits her style more – she definitely favors the smaller, delicate pieces and smaller settings.

Jewellery expert Arabel Lebrusan confirmed the ring appeared to have been changed, and suggested it was more American in style compared to the original engagement ring. Arabel, owner the ethical jewellery brand Arabel Lebrusan, called the thinner band a popular trend at the moment, revealing: ‘Many celebrities do this, as the central stone looks bigger in comparison getting the wow factor.’

At Trooping the Colour and at her Windsor Castle photo call with Prince Harry and newborn son Archie, the Duchess has worn her three engagement diamonds set on a thin micro-pavé band.

[From The Daily Mail]

Did she do it so the existing diamonds would look bigger, or because the smaller pave setting is more her style? Probably a little bit of both. Still, I bet that was sort of an awkward conversation, especially given the fact that Harry had the original ring made to the specifications of HIS vision. Then again, maybe he just wants her to be happy. Also possible: the ring needed to be resized and Meghan asked for a different setting then.

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