Doctors warn Mel B the stress of working with Spice Girls could cause blindness

Mel B says she ignored doctor's advice to stop performing with the Spice Girls to avoid damaging her eyesight beyond repair.

The 43-year-old chart topping star – commonly known as Scary Spice – said she defied medical advice to press on with the Spice Girls’ current world tour plans to avoid letting down dedicated fans.

Mel was rushed to hospital just one week before the band kicked off their current 13-date tour after she lost her vision.

And doctors suggested it was the stress of rehearsing alongside fellow Spice’s Geri Horner, 46, Melanie Chisholm, 45, and Emma Bunton, 43, that was causing her to lose her sight.

“I was thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’m going to go blind. What about the tour? What the hell am I going to do?’ I was having a meltdown,” Mel told The Sun as she recalled her frightening health shock.

She explained that her vision in her right eye became blurry – and she initially tried to blink away the symptoms, but to no avail.

She only sought medical help when she completely lost sight in her right eye – and then her left eye began to get blurry as well.

“I went into a complete panic because I thought I was going to go blind. I was on my way to rehearsals and as soon as I got to Bedfordshire, where we were rehearsing, I saw our paramedic who told me he could see there was a problem. I needed to get to a ­specialist. The best place to go in London is Moorfields Eye Hospital and I was rushed straight there,” she recounts.

Mel explained that she had previously had laser surgery in her left eye 12 years ago which had failed and had left her vision in her left eye blurred – while repeated bouts of conjunctivitis had caused he vision trouble in the past.

After seeing professionals, Mel was diagnosed with iritis – and inflammation around the pupil of her eye – which is a condition that can lead to blindness if untreated.

After being examined at Moorfields Eye Hospital, Mel was then transferred to another expert at Luton and Dunstable ­Hospital where she was told more about the condition, it’s causes, and given treatement.

“He told me that the issues I was having can be caused by stress. I was given tablets and eye drops, which I have to use 15 times a day,” she recounts.

The doctors also warned Mel she needed to take time out to rest – advice she refused for fear of letting Spice Girls fans down.

“With the medication, my eye was feeling a bit better but horrifically, when I was on stage with the girls in the middle of singing Mama, my eye went blind again… I had to run off stage, causing total panic. I just kept both my eyes shut with tears pouring down my face and eventually, after about 15 minutes, my vision came back,” she said.

Mel reported that she is “slowly” getting better and has been wearing an eyepatch to help with her treatment.

Spice Girls kicked off their “Spice World 2019 Tour” on Friday in Dublin – to very weak to mixed reviews from critics and fans alike.

The ladies will trundle around the UK until the middle of June with dates including Cardiff, Manchester, Edinburgh and London, among others.

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